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Martin O'Neill



  • Are we fighting on every thread now?

  • nice little slogan that

    "welcome to the Gasroom..........fighting on every thread"

  • Talking of great football manager minds, I see Sol Campbell has just been appointed at Macclesfield.

  • @DevC said:
    Talking of great football manager minds, I see Sol Campbell has just been appointed at Macclesfield.

    Fascinating to see how football's greatest mind will fare.

  • @glasshalffull said:
    They were talking about the same function. Do I have to check with you and Arnos Grove before linking together two contrasting descriptions of the same event that just happened to appear on different threads?

    Take your agro to the agro thread. You asked where you derailed the thread, we showed you. Move on.

  • Still can’t fathom your use of the word ‘derailed’ but hey ho, life’s too short so I will, as you suggest, move on.

  • I think, @marlowchair , that I take @drcongo to be referring to your tendency to criticise people in places other than the place they committed the act/ said the thing of which you mean to complain. In this case, you brought a conversation from another thread into this one. In doing so, you got the reaction from Marlow that was pretty much inevitable here, thus taking something away from the positivity in Steve's post that you correctly identified.

    FWIW, I've noticed the same tendency in your habit of referring in disparaging terms to Facebook posters about whose views the Gasroom was previously unaware and, frankly, indifferent. Perhaps "derailed" was not the mot juste but, if I may, everyone was able to make the comparison between the tenor of this thread and the other without needing it pointing out to them. Doing so in the way you did was something of a red rag to the bull you meant to identify and thus somewhat counterproductive.

  • I’m not being rude to you because your post is polite, but who draws up the rules about what is and isn’t acceptable on this forum (with the obvious exception of bad language etc) and why do they seem to apply only to certain individuals (Dev for example)?

  • I think I made the intended point reasonably clearly.

    Other people noted the confrontational effect of your earlier contribution to this thread, whether you intended it that way or not. I tend to share @arnos_grove's perception of your tendency to put down people you see as critical of the status quo.

    No-one's suggested it's a matter of rules. Certainly, standards and opinions of how to address each other vary from poster to poster here. It's really for you to take the observations on board to whatever degree you see fit, or not. If it was your intention to highlight the positive, it seems the attempt failed here for some reason. Maybe that might give pause for thought.

    Perhaps Debrett's need a chapter on good form on internet discussion forums in their next edition.

  • No-one’s stopping you posting on any thread @glasshalffull. As you can see, your post is still here.

    This is not Blues News.

  • @arnos_grove , ahh blues news. It seems so far ago now that you'd have to wait for that once a month, or even the BFP every Friday, rather than just click a button on a computer!

    Or the days of having to wait to get home from school to use teletext, if you even had it then!

  • Good read @ForeverBlue. I like his alternative name for the high press.

    “You can be labelled so quickly in this game. There is a footballing spiel now. We have to address these things.

    “Seriously, high pressing, for example. It's a good term and it’s one that's almost self-explanatory. Good. Fine. It wasn’t called that some years ago. It was trying to dispossess the opposition as close to their goal as possible and then use your craft to create chances.

    “I’d call that blue-collar working. Maybe that could be the new buzzword. The great managers get the really good players to be able to do that, get your top-quality players to do that heavy work, to do the blue-collar working when it's needed to be done. Good players, working hard, with creativity, that’s the key to success. Always has been.”

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