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Trust Nominations

I have studied the Trust nominations a number of times & to this end one of the canditates submission is written in the 3rd party. This worries me a great deal. Not only that, but it contains a number of name droppings. I may be wrong but I suspect that the other canditates will have met far more influential people without name dropping.

As an aside I am still on a high having driven to Sunderland & back on Saturday. The Sunderland fans, stewards & Police were so friendly & helpful. The downside was the return Park & Ride where it took 40 minutes to board a bus. As soon as my daughter & I got on the bus a number of others turned up. Perhaps the powers that be thought Wycombe were going to time waste until 5.30pm! Still worth it though!


  • Use of “third person” should be limited to staff appraisals, novels, biographies etc where an outsider is describing a person’s views, qualities and achievements. When the person described uses third person in reference to him/herself I think it is known as Kevin Nolan Syndrome. Not particularly endearing.

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    Has to be said it is a weird pitch (I picked up on the third party and the very long name dropping of people and programmes too - none of which seems overly relevant)that must make Mr Massie currently the outsider of the five for four places. I believe there are hustings though, so plenty of time to pull it round.

  • Must back Mr Massie?!

  • Why must you back Mr Massie, Micra?

    (OK yes, typo now corrected to "make)

  • Not sure that third parties are involved.

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