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Shrewsbury (H) (League One) 2018 / 19 - Match 19 - Sat 14/11/2018 - Crowd Predictions

After a visit to Luton and a contrasting visit to Sunderland we have a home game to look forward to.

Here is the spreadsheet link:

This is what I have considered - No home game for a while, only low intensity Christmas shopping. Anyone who went to Sunderland will want to see more like that and have told their friends about it. We are on a good run of home wins and of entertainment served up at least to rival the food. They are close to us in league position. We are 4th in last six games form table (home and away) of which Sunderland are top and also 4th in the form table for the last six home games.

How many will want to watch the next match involving your team and mine?

I go for 5065 total with 653 from Shropshire (past and present). Please remember that I get this wrong at least as much as everyone else.

Up the Blues



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