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In goal

Who’s in goal on Saturday?


  • not me. I've got a note.

  • Gaz will pull something decent out of the bag.
    He might consider the young lad we already have, as Sunderland away for a first game was definitely no the right start!

  • A small section of QPR fans on twitter seem very keen for Matty to stay with us at any price. I suggest they have a whip round to help pay for it in a nice change from them being absolute cretins.

  • He's barely played for them has he? Was he that bad in his few run outs?

  • They were awful and got thrashed a bit early on this season, improved after he got injured, could easily have been the other way around as the team found its way.

    Qpr fan I know who goes regularly said they had no idea what the fuss was, had barely seen him. Also said Eze and Josh Scowen were both coming on really well.

  • the reason we can't sign him isn't money its because QPR only have 2 senior keepers and he one of them and not sure the man with the brolly will risk a kid on the bench in the championship.

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