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Sam saunders

What has this guy to do to play. Not playing tonight I can only assume a bust up with Gaz, could be injured I guess, but he’s certainly never been mentioned as being injured


  • He’s been ill and injured. I believe he’s just returning to fitness now, as are Stewart and Tyson incidentally.

    Bean was recently out injured for six weeks whilst most of us assumed he just wasn’t making the match day squad. It’s just the club’s policy these days not to discuss injuries so when a player is injured outside of a game we don’t hear about it until they return.

    Back to Saunders though, whilst we all rate him highly I’m not sure who he’d come in for in the current team. His style of play is very different to that of which we’re currently playing.

  • Its a shame as I thought he looked really sharp early on, not sure he'd start in anything other than a 5 in midfield which doesn't seem too likely now, absolute class from the bench though when we need to go for it.

  • We have a great squad and potentially a lot of games on our way to wembley glory/the championship. I'm sure Sam will force his way in.

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