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Anyone know for certain what the injury situation is with Sido? I've seen it said he's out for the season but there doesn't seem to be anything official to confirm that.


  • Having seen him attempting to walk recently I can say for certain he is out, but not sure it's been officially stated.

    Re: rest of injuries, I think McClure will miss at least Morecambe, with Holloway possibly making the bench.

    Wood has a patched up leg but I think will be ok, Nico and Saunders are anyone's guess!

    As for JJ, I'd be surprised if he plays any part in Morecambe game.

  • Forgot Bloomfield - what a list!

    I'd guess he may be able to play a part Saturday if needed.

    Nathan Evans expected to be fully fit the day after league two playoff final.

  • Cheers for that - it's an astonishing list. I guess we were just incredibly lucky earlier in the season with injuries. We always knew the size of the squad would be an issue but so many injuries coming so late in the day, when we'd achieved so much, is a real killer. Just got to get behind the team as much as we can, and hope their spirit and character can carry them over the line.

  • JJ has said himself he will hopefully be fit for next weekend.

  • @blueh_w said:
    JJ has said himself he will hopefully be fit for next weekend.

    That would certainly be ideal!

  • I hope he will, it's such a shame at this stage we are losing so meanie players threw injuries ...

  • @bluejay Am I right in thinking you have a voice-activated device ?!

  • The squad looks like its been running on empty for a while, and when you're not 100% fit then injuries become increasingly likely. The fact we have sustained such a fine season (with a points total that would have ensured automatic promotion more often than not after 44 games) despite such a small squad is incredible as it is. Hopefully Gareth can rally the troops for two final sorties over the top to clinch one of the most incredible promotions in Wycombe Wanderers history.

  • @ReadingMarginalista - hear, hear. And let us all be part of rallying for that final push. Looked at objectively, it's been an astonishing season, the squad has been the tightest we've had since St Martin's day, and now we need to cheer them on against the odds. This could all be as emotional as Torquay if things go well.

  • @micra said:
    bluejay Am I right in thinking you have a voice-activated device ?!

    This made me laugh!

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