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92/93 memories

This is the best thing I've listened to for 7 years. Not least because the interviewer is the scouse guy from the popular sitcom 'Peep Show'


  • It's always good to hear from @oilysailor. My favourite moment from 92/93 was after the final league game ended. Never mind that we had handed Peter Wragg's Macclesfield a win and Conference survival, much to St Martin's annoyance. They didn't get on, apparently.

    As he slowly walked the pyramid trophy round the ground, I vividly remember a sea of happy, contented faces. None more contented than the great man, with a permanent, beaming smile which said "job done". A very special moment and maybe unsurpassed so far.

  • Thanks for sharing, it brought back some great memories.

  • @lx1 what did you listen to 7 years ago?

  • Just listened to something better

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