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Peterborough (H) (League One) 2018 / 19 - Match 17 - Sat 03/11/2018 - Attendance predictions

Here is the link to the spreadsheet for this game.

I predict a sizeable crowd wanting to see what we can do -

5222 with 893 making the trip down the A1 or Up the GN mainline.

Happy predicting everyone - I have a spreadsheet for how close everyone has been to the actual crowd for the first 8 league games now and so I hope to soon have a way of giving the running totals for the Tour de Season.
Reminder of the small print -Everyone who has made 10 predictions at the end of the season will be eligible and everyone's closest ten predictions will count. So almost any number of not so good predictions will be discounted and the best strategy will be to get some good predictions in.

Happy predicting.

Up the Blues



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