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Peterborough (H) (League One) 2018 / 19 - Match 17 - Sat 03/11/2018 - Attendance predictions

Here is the link to the spreadsheet for this game.

I predict a sizeable crowd wanting to see what we can do -

5222 with 893 making the trip down the A1 or Up the GN mainline.

Happy predicting everyone - I have a spreadsheet for how close everyone has been to the actual crowd for the first 8 league games now and so I hope to soon have a way of giving the running totals for the Tour de Season.
Reminder of the small print -Everyone who has made 10 predictions at the end of the season will be eligible and everyone's closest ten predictions will count. So almost any number of not so good predictions will be discounted and the best strategy will be to get some good predictions in.

Happy predicting.

Up the Blues



  • OK I'll dive in for a bit of fun, thanks for leading the way. I didn't want to stray too far from your wise guidance @railwaysteve.

    5525 with 983 Posh. ;-)

  • 5162 with 927 Posh

  • 4920 with 884 Posh.

  • 5222 with 1000

  • 5,287 with 794 Posh.

  • 4999 including 993 fancy dans

  • 5,178 with 913 away

  • 4852 with 948 just pleased to see a hill.

    @railwaysteve , wasn't sure if you were struggling to collect the data or to programme your spreadsheet for your season comp. if you need a hand give me a shout.

  • 5,100 with 1,200 Posh

  • 4572 with 841 Posh

  • 5432 with 722 from the flatlands

  • 4950 including 750 Flatlanders.

  • 4945 with 894 Posh

  • 5220 (853 away)

  • I can't recall if it's in the rules but having looked at the weather forecast and it being firework weekend, I feel my prediction is too high. I would now venture 4652 (635 Posh).

  • 5345 with 979 Posh

  • 4912, 870 away

  • 17 predictions so far and apologies for not updating sooner.

    We say Average for Total Crowd: 5108
    Average for Posh fans 908

    So we say just over 4000 Wycombe fans - not bad.

    Sorry @ValleyWanderer, especially as you were at the top of the list - small print says no changes - unless it is to change opposition fans to Wycombe fans.

    Thanks @DevC for the offer - I may take you up on it - at the moment the problem is just logistics.

    Good predicting all and Up the Blues.

  • 5100 with 950 from Peterborough

  • No problem @railwaysteve, I feel like a turncoat for trying to change my mind anyway!

  • 5027 with 898 Posh

  • 4000 chairs 850 posh =4850 svelte Gareth 2 fat boy Evans 2

  • 5200 with 1001 away supporters

  • edited November 2018

    20 solid predictions to date with plenty of scope for more anticipating a game which might be tense, might be glorious and we hope will be interesting. We are the Wycombe - - so there is every chance it will be all three.

    What we say about the crowd

    Average for Total Crowd: 5096
    Average for Posh fans 909

    Up the Blues

  • 5,650, with 875 supporting a team supported by the most loathsome man in football.

  • Does Diving Danny support the Posh?

  • It's 5,225 with 875 Posh fans.

  • Sorry it's 854 Posh.

  • edited November 2018

    Ok - I can have some fun with this one ....

    A lot of excellent predicting and a fabulous result.

    My wife says that I should never go to football again - having only missed seeing six of our league games this season and missed all five wins. I have a big smile on my face and it's a happy household here: thanks @bluntphil for the commentary - edge of the sofa stuff.

    @NorsQuarters was just 3 away from the correct total with 5222 and I predicted the same crowd so congratulations to both of us.

    Also within 10 was @Onlooker with 5220 - most excellent predicting because the prediction of 853 was the closest to the away crowd - which one person was it that didn't turn up?

    Honourable mentions for those within 100:
    @Glenatico was just 25 away with a prediction of 5200, @ForeverBlue was 47 short with 5178, @robin was close again (62) with 5287 and @bookertease was 63 away on the other side of our actual total attendance with 5162.

    The spreadsheet is now in order of closeness to the correct result.

    Also thanks to @ValleyWanderer for being understanding about the small print and forthe kind compliment, no pressure now on my next prediction.

    I don't intend to put up an attendance thread for the Oxford game but I will for the cup game at Luton.

    Plenty of noise in League One. Happy times.
    Mayhap Sunderland next.

  • My prediction doesn’t seem to have been captured. Given how bad I’ve been at predicting so far I may need it come the end of the season, even with being 400 out!

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