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FAO Steve Peart and other knowledgable types.

Reading the (excellent) Official History and the section where Loakes Park was given over to the military during the First World War. It also says that Daws Hill Park was handed over to the Royal Field Artillery for training, with barracks and stables being built.

I was just wondering, what was the significance of this for the Wanderers? Was Daws Hill used as a training ground? Or was that just included in the book to give a greater overview of the role the town played during the war?

Many thanks


  • Also, in the following paragraph, it mentions a £50 donation from the 'RFA Officers Fund'. Is that the Royal Fleet Auxillary, or a typo for RAF?

  • Doubt that it was the RAF, it wasn’t formed until the end of the war. Maybe a typo for its predecessor - RFC - Royal Flying Corp.

  • I suspect the clue is in the previous paragraph. Royal Field Artillery.

  • Cheers Doob and Dev. Possibly had a brain fart there with the RFA origins!

  • I think that's where Captain Darling tried to join the Women's Auxillary Balloon Corps

  • @Jonny_King, I can't remember much about the Daws Hill Park reference. I'm away at the moment but will try and find my notes and let you know.

  • Thanks Steve. Writing a piece about the Wanderers players lost in the First World War. Not really interested in war history, but doing this article has been fascinating. Think I've been able to locate quite a few graves of Wycombe players through the War Graves Comission website.

  • There is a plaque in the entrance to the Vere Suite. It has Charlie & George Buchanan plus all the others on it.

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