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  • What worries me is that it still could be...

  • you'd have to be mad to willingly allow a hedge fund to take over your football club

  • Sobering if you worry about unscrupulous businessmen taking over your club. Irrelevant if you like the cut of a rich man's jib as they spin you a web of lies.

  • They are basically in this predicament because the owners spent £36m they didn't have on players. If you do this as Pompey did you tend to end up in the brown stuff.

  • Indeed @mooneyman usually takes a big club only one season of a name manager overspending before they realise they are better off with an experienced lower league scrapper with an eye for lower league players

  • The first part, about how the owners overspent to get themselves into the position where they felt they had to sell their interest in the ground to stay afloat, is one thing - I hope we're not approaching that position and see/ hear no sign that we are. The interesting part, to my eye, was the antagonistic way the owners have attempted to use the legal system and a certain amount of unprincipled behaviour to manoeuvre themself back into control of the situation. Honestly, I have a measure of schadenfreude about that side of it and am somewhat relieved events have gone against them (though it's in the Grauniad, who are not known as wholly neutral on things like hedge funds and so may not be a totally reliable source).

  • @hcblue sometimes the madness of the truth outweighs any press bias.

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