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Parking at Wycombe

Hello - Dale fan here, driving to the game tomorrow.
What's the best place to park for a quick get away near the away end?


  • Don't park up on the grass hill to one side of the ground. You'll have to wait at least 30 minutes to get out.
    Try one of the industrial units lining the road going up to the ground, or better still, try street parking a bit further away.

  • Many thanks @NewburyWanderer - appreciate the advice.
    I'm looking at streetparking on Pinewood Road - does that sound about right and if so, how far a walk is that?

  • You might struggle on Pinewood Road, it gets narrow at the top and I don't think you can park there. Your best bet could be to park in CEF car park the end of Hillbottom Road, for a £5, or a slightly further walk and park on Mill End Road for free. Some of the roads closer will have match day parking restrictions.
    Safe driving.

  • If you don't mind a bit of a walk suggest Warwick Ave,Cariisbrooke Ave or Arundel road . You are the right side of the traffic to drive to Lane End and onto Stokenchurch if you want to join the M40 at j5 to go north this will avoid the traffic at J4 which is a terrible junction imo.

  • Theres plenty of £5 car parks on the industrial estate from the biscuit factory upwards, you’ll be fine

  • As one who used to park in the CEF car park (immediately before the mini roundabout at the junction of Lane End Road and Hillbottom Road), I’d say that was the best bet for a quickish getaway. If you park, as I now do, at one of the industrial units along Hillbottom Road it will take you quite a while to get to the aforementioned mini roundabout.

    Of course, if the result looks like a foregone conclusion after 85 minutes, you could sneak out then but beware - 7-10 added minutes are not uncommon at Adams Park and we have experienced some dramatic late goals this season !

    The CEF car park should have a few spaces up to 6.45 to 7 pm. Good luck, at least with your journey and the parking !

  • I always try and park in the one that the club get the money from - where the away support buses wait? Can't remember the business in question but it is manned by WWFC stewards in orange jackets.

  • Park at the Cressex P&R for free and get the bus to the ground.

  • Or you could park at the ground and bathe in the warm glow that you helped support the club in a small way.

  • Parked in the upper car park for the first time in years on Saturday - a well oiled machine those chaps up there with the air traffic control bats.

    Any post on here or are they fully focused on the parking?

  • I believe it is made clear to them at the outset that even glancing at posts on here isn't tolerated.

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