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Christian Wade to NFL?

Rumour has it that Christian Wade has quit Wasps to pursue a career in the NFL. If true (& he makes it) he will become the first professional NFL player to have come via High Wycombe RGS.


  • No he won't be. Christian Scotland Williamson is.

  • What are the chance that two players from RGS have shots at the NFL eh @A_Worboys
    Shows you should never just assume.

    Scotland-Williamson has a real chance of getting on the game day roster in the next 12 months.

  • What are the chance that two players both called Christian from RGS have shots at the NFL?

  • If you really want to know, you could always ask Dev to produce a spreadsheet to calculate the odds!

  • I'd rather eat my own arm.

  • To be fair the odds of every boy from the RGS being called Christian are probably pretty low

  • The odds are nil, no-one in my form was named Christian. Although to be honest, it took until at least year 4 untill you actually knew them all.
    No-one was ever know by their first name in my day. It was either Boy or Gnome/Hobnob/etc depending on how irritated the teacher was.

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