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WWFC Youth Team

Tuesday night made me wonder how WWFC could rejoin the youth football set-up. I went to watch the FA Youth Cup match between Barnet & Bishops Stortford at the Hive. Barnet won 3-1 after a very spirited display by the visitors in an entertaining game.

Barnet are now through to the 1st Round and travel to either Peterborough Sports or Walsham le Willows. You might ask who? But these small clubs can run youth teams so why not WWFC? I’m not talking about re-introducing an academy set-up but maybe a side representing WWFC in the Eastern Junior Alliance u-16 & u-18 levels.

Would a club like Flackwell Heath or Holmer Green stage the games with Youth Cup games being staged at Adams Park?

Just food for thought......


  • I hav never understood this either but I think it comes down to the costly hoops professional clubs have to go through to create the academy.
    It is the one thing I truely hate my club for doing, both at the time and now.

  • This is NOT an academy situation but many Non-League clubs run youth teams in youth leagues full stop. This is what I was raising in respect to WWFC. A properly set-up academy will cost £800k-£1m per annum. Given the circumstances at the time it was the only option left to WWFC. The EPPP was a blatant attempt by the Premier League to shut down academies other than their own. The EFL clubs grabbed their money and are now left with the consequences.

  • Does the Wycombe Wanderers team based at Stokenchurch which plays in the Under 19 national youth league not go some way towards Andy is suggesting or is it a sham?

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    Here's a link to info about the Stokenchurch based team, if this clears up the situation:

    A cousin of mine attends

  • With the amount of publicity that the club have been giving to the U18 women's teams recently, I have been wondering why there doesn't appear to be a male equivalent.

  • I've seen the WWFC SET team once, when they lost 7-0 at Kings Langley.

    The return fixture saw them draw 2-2 earlier this week, so they are improving, also had players signed by QPR and Oxford this season.

    Completely agree that we should run a cheap/budget youth team

    Won 3-1 at Berkhamsted this week too, away at MK Dons SET (at Ampthill( this Wednesday (tempted to go)

    Here's the league website

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