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Interesting take from Bulman on Tony Adams


  • Thanks @OnlyMe, hats off to Dannie for some interesting insights, and Adams' first words: "Guys, we’re down anyway. You’re not good enough.’"

  • Very interesting

    Certainly confirms what I've always thought about Adams time as Wycombe manager

  • Always interesting to hear player's inside takes on managers. Especially from someone as mild mannered and an all round sound character like Bulman.

    I always suspected Adams had just written that season off, even though he only came in October or November. I think it was when we fielded a back 4 of teenagers one game, and he seemed to do his best to dispirit Currie and Simpson.

  • An utterly dispiriting time to be a WW fan. Wycombe had shown real promise under John Gorman yet bizarrely Ivor Beeks plumped for Tony Adams as boss. The images of the press conference still make me shudder.

    He was completely and utterly f**king hopeless from day one, as Dannie confirms in this article.

    At the end of the season having been relegated to the bottom division he released numerous players, like Bulman, who could have been the basis of our team for years to come afterwards.

    An awful waste of talent.

    It’s taken us 15 years to put together a team that might have a crack at competing in League One. Hopefully this year we’ll finally achieve that.

  • Just seals the deal on what we all already thought.. Tony Adams... What a peeeenarrrrse

  • Hindsight is wonderful but yet another woeful mistake from Ivor Beeks, who seems to have an entire catalogue.

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