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Baby clothes

With my own Cygnet due later this month I’ve been trying my hardest to find some WWFC baby clothes. No luck!
If anyone has any in usable condition I’ll happily take them off your hands.
Help me Gasroom, or the Scouse in laws will have baby in red!


  • Not official clearly, but has four designs, might be of some interest ? I only did a internet search, I've not purchased one myself so i can't say about the quality of the items.

  • Thanks, that’s the only thing I’ve been able to find so far. Surprised there isn’t more out there!

  • Back in the day vandenell did a range of baby clothes, I got my sister a baby grow that then did the rounds of all my mates' sprogs. Was yellow and blue quarters as I recall.

  • 6-12 month shirt doesn’t look too stupid on a newborn

  • I'll order one of those myself in baby pink. Thanks

    Whatever you do Bluey keep the baby away from red!

  • I feel as though I read somewhere that the club is going to bring out more baby and child items. Obviously time is of the essence for those of us with new sprogs...

  • The eBay option will be a good start. Hopefully some more official options will be available soon.

  • I've got blue baby bibs and after having 2 girls I'm still waiting to open them.

  • @BlueytheSwan I got my nephew some WWFC bibs from the club shop a few years ago (mainly to mildly annoy my non-football-loving sister). Take it they don't do them anymore them?

    I'm 90% sure she still has at least one of them somewhere, so if you don't mind second hand (they weren't really used much) I'll dig them out and give them to you next time I see you or chuck them in the post.

  • Cheers Jonny, if it isn’t too much bother I’d appreciate that. Will email you.
    I did the same when my niece was born, but nothing for sale in the shop currently.

  • I happened across this on Amazon and had to leave a review. I hope @micra will be proud of me.

  • Ran out of comments to read (whilst idling away an hour or two here in sunny Hayling Island) but just noticed a yellow highlight against Baby Clothes - a thread I would not normally be drawn to. I am indeed proud of you @drcongo.

    Me and the wife off to lunch now.

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