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Completely random one..... my cousin came with me tonight he moved to Australia 8years ago and hasn't been to a game since the early 00s. We was talking about the fans we remember etc.. can anyone remember "beanhead" the guy behind the goal i haven't seen him for years i wonder if he's still about? Btw that was entertainment tonight


  • Got married and moved to Barnsley (?) I think.

  • Still goes to some away games, was at Bradford the other week.

  • On the topic of ‘celebrity’ fans, did Johnny P ever come back from his self imposed exile?

  • Johnny P last seen by me at our Play off Final v Southend United.

  • not seen Johnny P for a long time...

  • Anyone remember stretch Armstrong from the terrace in the 90's?

  • Jonny p was at the Norwich game in the Frank Adams

  • Beanhead was at Doncaster too.
    Has a good sprinkling of Yorkshire games this year.

    Johnny p. I remember his signature move was expecting to bundle straight into full back central row about 20secs before kick off riding roughshod over those who have been there ages

  • I remember Beanhead very well it was quite an achievement to get the whole terrace chanting his name.

  • @Morris_Ital said:
    I remember Beanhead very well it was quite an achievement to get the whole terrace chanting his name.

    Beanhead was his real name?????

    Mind blown.

  • Went to a home game years ago on the bus, my brother, his mate and me. We were the only people on the bus and we were talking about Beanhead and how he was a terrace celebrity. A few stops later and to our complete bewilderment Beanhead gets on, straight from work, in his overalls. Never met the guy, but a surreal experience. At this point there was only the 4 of us on the bus.. we started chanting 'Beanhead, beanhead" and he duly responded. A thoroughly strange morning on a bus going through suburban High Wycombe...

  • edited September 2018

    A very unlikely cult hero

  • I remember at Fisher Athletic one evening, late 80s, there was a chant about him behind the goal (friendly banter - he was there and laughing along with it) - but they used his first name back then. I wonder when the 'Beanhead' nickname was born...

  • Remember it well @LeedsBlue, he was having a bit of banter with some 10 year old or so Fisher girls and for a few years after was always reminded of it and he took it all in good spirit.

  • I remember that as well. First name Jamie, I think.

    Fisher Athletic, the good old days. Remember seeing the Canary Wharf towers going up from the road going to the ground. Gone now, I believe.

  • Whilst in the queue for a half time cuppa/beer at bradford a couple of weeks ago , it was a wonderful blast from the past to hear 'beeeeeanhead, beeeeanhead' being chanted.

    And there in all his glory was the 'legend' himself .

    His arms stretched tall and wide with the same smile.
    The chant , and his response haven't changed in 20 years .

    Magical !

  • Indeed, he is now Yorkshire based, top fella.

  • Did he work at Rebellion brewery? If so he is a good man.

  • @Rolo yes I thought at the time how strange life is to be named beanhead and grow into a man with a be

  • an shaped head

  • Bet he still knows everyone on the terrace’s second favourite football team! Can remember him walking around with radio glued to his ear informing X how QPR were drawing 0-0 and Y that it was 1-0 to the Arsenal.

  • I last had a chat with Beanhead at Stevenage circa 2015. He asked after my son & daughter who used to stand near him at Adams Park. He remembered the TV cameras panning in on my daughter at the end of our play off defeat at Cheltenham.

  • @woodlands said:
    Did he work at Rebellion brewery? If so he is a good man.

    Yes, he did. When he appears at the odd away game here or there he often has a bag with their logo on.

    Also, he doesn’t drive so has to do some crazy routes in order to get to games.

  • Last time I saw Beanhead (aka Jamie) was at the Notts county game a couple or seasons ago. Ran into him at the railway tation when he had a journey of 3 trains to get back home! Lovely guy. I remember him with fondness as he used to travel a lot on the unofficial supporters bus until he moved up North. He is a true Wycombe legend.

  • I have a hazy memory of being on a train back from some northern outpost where Beanhead had been assigned to travel up in the luggage compartment. The problem for young Bean was his Chairboy elders had secured safely into his position with old bits of rope and string, leaving him diaappearing into the distance unable to alight at alloted station.

    Somewhere near Crewe maybe???

  • 'He's got a big fat bean on his head'

    This troubled me as a youth as his head was more the bean itself that on him so to speak.

  • 'He's got a big fat bean IN his head'?

  • @Lloyd2084 I read that first post a few times, what does that actually mean?

  • Sorry for being obtuse. He was tied up in the overhead baggage compartment by some over exuberant older lad's on the way back from a game. The Wycombe fans got off the train together to change line, the doors shut and Beanhead disappeared into the night still stuck in the luggage rack.

    I couldn't have been more than 14 or 15 and was on an away trip on my own for the first time. Some of the other rites of passage involving intresting new beverages mean than it is nearly a vague mental image now. ...

  • Oh bloody hell, that's not good! Poor fella!

    Being on a train with some of our fans certainly isn't much fun! Had the "Pleasure" at Charlton a few weeks back. Wasn't even for that long, but it was still too long.

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