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An Oxford fans view

Hi all,

Here are my thoughts on the game today. Thought it was a pretty good match to be honest.



  • Good report thanks @d3d4.

  • That's pretty much how I saw it @d3d4

    As you may have seen on another thread most Wycombe supporters were particularly impressed with Shandon Baptiste.

    Enjoy him while you can would be my advice!

  • How refreshing to read a report from an opposition supporter that is actually balanced and free from the usual one-eyed bias that we’re used to seeing.

  • Anyone know what the financial situation now at Oxford is? Last time I heard they were losing money like it was an aim in itself

  • Yes. A fair and well-observed report (though its "faint-hearted" rather than "feint hearted", for future reference) to my eyes, too. Thanks for sharing it.

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