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Dagenham and Redbridge takeover

They have just been taken over by a US consortium including Tim Howard.

Pleased they may have some light at the end of the tunnel, which has been a dark and bleak tunnel for some time.

Will be interesting to see how this one plays out.


  • Good luck to D & R. High hopes for them, especially if Tim Howard is involved. Top bloke.

  • Thommo is a wheeler dealer, kept the place going for years

  • So there are people who are interested in "investing" in lower league clubs, be it for short term quick fix and sell, or as part of a sporting group to get some economies of scale, shared expertise and so on. There is the argument that a bit like a racing syndicate people want to be involved without spending millions but are aware they probably won't see it again.

    The synical side in me might suggest we need to look very closely behind the fun to see what happens after the initial cash and ensure that we don't start using preferred suppliers "connected" to owners like many academies and semi privatised health and education groups do, and that property types and other showy twats aren't involved.

  • @peterparrotface, sounds more attractive than a hedge fund or a company from a repressive state.

  • A former Premier League footballer and a successful US sports entrepreneur? Disgraceful! @DevC would explode.The club would thumb its nose at such an they have someone much, much better (who none of them know at all) waiting in the wings who has 1000 companies and a great sense of humour.

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