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Marcus Bean on the Guardian podcast

edited September 2018 in Football

Nice chat with Bean on this podcast. Interesting to hear he has no interest in management owing to how quickly everyone gets fired, and how he has his eyes on being a director of football somewhere instead:

He also has his own podcast with Hogan Ephraim:


  • You beat me too it, @Shev , just finished listening to it and was about to post the link. Definitely worth a listen, interesting about Bayo too.

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  • Shame about the unlistenable combination of Max Rushden and Barry Glendenning (I do generally like the latter for what it's worth, just not when he's drooling over the former). Is there any chance you could direct me to the relevant part of the podcast so I can listen to what our goalscoring hero has to say for himself?

  • Part 3 - roughly - I'm guessing now - about 40 minutes in.

  • Definitely, @Wig_and_Pen. It is nice to know he really is such a great bloke, and that his unique brand of stardom has not changed him!

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