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I used this a part of my rehabilitation following a heart attack and found it so damn good that I wrote a blog about it ...

I really do fully recommend this for any man seriously looking to lose weight and improve their health and fitness.

Calling all Men … aged 35-65, belly size of 38” +, we need you in our #FFIT Team! Over 12 weeks we will give you the knowhow and tools you need to get on track to a healthier lifestyle … no fad diet just real changes! #squadgoals #menshealth #FFITteam


  • Brilliant blog. Having myself had a angioplasty three years and then diagnosed with atrial fibrillation earlier this year, it strikes a chord with me.

    Would be ideal to give a hard copy to all cardiac patients after an event.

  • Not quite the same but related.

    Anyone any first hand knowledge of "walking football". I'm thinking of giving it a go.

  • edited September 2018

    Thank-you for the compliment mooneyman and I wish you well in your recovery.

    I wouldn’t want to just go ahead and hand out hard copies to anyone who’s just been through a cardiac event, as the way I have gone about things might not be right for every-one. What I do hope though is that the blog will inspire cardiac victims or indeed any-one else to look at improving their health and fitness by whatever means suits them.

    I believe there are walking football sessions up at the Flackwell Heath campus, might be wrong though.

  • Thanks Jock

    To be fair I would need to find a Walking Football session a little closer to home than Flackwell Heath but I don't see that as a problem. I was interested though if anyone had actually played walking football and what their experiences are. I am interested both as a fitness tool and a hobby.

  • FFIT arranged a taster session for all 4 FFIT groups on the Adams Park pitch, I found quite enjoyable though it is hard to resist the urge to run and I had muscles I never knew I had aching for days after.

    I briefly covered this on my blog part 4.3 .....

  • Thanks Jock

    I long ago got quite proficient at resisting the urge to run but admit in a match the old instincts may return (such as they were, I always did adopt the Darren Currie approach to running)!

    Any other experience?

    👍 👎 ( -1 )
  • He’s not Jock. That was the redoubtable Jock Shepherd, former player for Wycombe Reserves and Maidenhead, then sponge man (literally in those days) and, through the 70s and 80s (I think) he was the groundsman, for many years “assisted” by a lively Jack Russell. The poster may have been a helper himself or he may be alluding to the dog.

  • In my early days I used to help out Jock & Andy (the lively Jack Russell) around Loakes Park during the summer months, it only seems proper to keep his memory alive.

  • Yes indeed @Jocks_little_helper. He was an interesting guy. I have particular reason to be grateful to him. He fitted a handrail alongside our five stairs (split level bungalow) about thirty years ago. A really solid job which is just as well because we both need to use it to haul ourselves up these days !
    Amazing to think that he’d be 100 this year. As my Irish wife would say “Ah, sure, but he’d never have lived that long.” I’ve heard that about several people over the years and my usual response of “well he/she didn’t anyway” always falls on stoney ground.

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