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  • In a daring escape attempt, Zebroski's mates attached the prison keys to a football and lobbed it over the wall, but his first touch let him down.

  • Have watched Zeb a few times, many moons ago. Would never thought he had that type of aggression in him.

  • Oh, I don't know about that. I remember him kicking and shoving players when wound up. I'm pretty sure he was sent off for us at least once.

  • Huge shame for the lad that his demons and drink appear to have destroyed a good lower league career. Possibly relevant to remind that he was fired from Plymouth Argyle for breaking a glass water jug over the club captains head following an argument on a pre-season tour.

  • Had some natural ability but wasted it like many other players through excessive consumption of alcohol. The likes of Best, Adams and Gascoigne managed to combine football and drink but they are in the minority.

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