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Sensational September

This month could be the toughest, fixture-wise, in our 25 year Football League history. Seven consecutive matches in less than four weeks against former top tier clubs. We will have a much better idea of our prospects for the rest of the season by the time we meet the club with a considerably more modest history (Southend United) on 28 September.


  • Excellent post @micra and I concur. However, I doubt it'll prevent the moaners from dominating the gasroom when/if we struggle a bit though.

  • In principle I agree too. But I wouldn't want us to get to hung up about the former top tier status of Luton, Oxford, or Northampton! The real challenges are Portsmouth and Charlton, and I rather think we may find our underdog status will be helpful there.

    Our last two league games have been against former top tier clubs, and we're unbeaten...

  • Sadly I am missing Burton and Southend due to holidays...what were the chances of two Saturday home games in a row? Doh!

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Sadly I am missing Burton and Southend due to holidays...what were the chances of two Saturday home games in a row? Doh!

    Could be worse, I'm missing Oxford and Charlton. I live in London so especially gutted for the latter.

  • I noticed looking at the fixtures that we have all 'southern' clubs in September and all 'nothern/mids' clubs in October. May need to fill the granary during the harvest for harder times ahead.

  • @OxfordBlue ouch! You've made me feel better. Though I suspect that as usual when I miss a home game Burton and Southend will be season defining goalfest wins that people (trev and richie excepted) will talk about for years to come.

  • @micra We bested the Addicks on their own turf when they were Premier League so no fears there.

    The PNLs were getting beat by the likes of Tonbridge Angels far more recently.

    We’ve survived biblical storms at Pompey.

    I am still receiving cancelling after Southend ‘15 tho’.

  • Good to see you finally pronouncing counselling correctly son

  • You a cockney sparra then cocka?

  • Sorry, lèse maj. I meant to say @peterparrotface .

  • I'm a cocka too

  • You do make I larf @LX1 .
    And by some strange quirk, just as I was typing this, the phone rang and it was an old very cockney/Bucks market trader friend of mrs micra telling me about a load of CDs and LPs she wants to deliver to us for selling at a local charity shop and Scannappeal. I’m regarded as a bit “posh” but I found myself slipping into the vernacular and saying “OK mate” as a parting shot.

    Someone told me a joke about a cockatoo just last week but @drcongo’s obscenity deleting algorithms would definitely come into play.

    If brevity is the soul of wit you are Aretha Franklin to my Cilla Black.

  • @peterparrotface That's the only reason I spelled it like that, innit son.

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