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  • edited August 2018

    Feel sorry for Forest Green here - seems like they're having all sort of issues with hummel. Apparently in protest they've turned the hummel advertising hoardings at their stadium upside down! A little reminiscient of the issues we had receiving training/replica kit from kukri in the dying days of that contract.

  • They’re having no issues with hummus though.

  • As much as I sympathise with them, they should be the ones wearing our change kit, at their expense. Harsh maybe but ultimately the accountability lies with someone in their club.

  • Anyone know when we last played at home in an away/change kit? I can't remember it happening

  • I feel that Edmund Monsoon, the original Gasroom king of insistence that we only have a CHANGE kit, and not an AWAY kit, would approve.

    After all, this is an unfortunate CHANGE of events and not an AWAY game. We are within the Monsoon rules.

  • Good work @PBo!

    I read somewhere that they won’t have replica kits for sale until October. Glad we’re able to help them out, even in a small way.

  • It’s not like we had a valid argument to counter the formal request from
    The EFL as we don’t adhere our charter anyway in terms of giving our quarters preference at all times.

  • @WanderingDays We wore our tequila sunrise kit for a home pre-season friendly against Villa a few years back, presumably to promote it. Obviously not a competitive game though.

    I remember seeing Bournemouth reserves having to wear our change kit for a reserve game at AP back in the early 2000's after they forgot their kit.

  • @marlowchair said:
    It’s not like we had a valid argument to counter the formal request from
    The EFL as we don’t adhere our charter anyway in terms of giving our quarters preference at all times

    But the charter doesn't mandate giving the quarters preference at all times.

    The charter clearly states that "The ultimate decision on which kit to wear will remain with the Referee and / or football team manager.", so wearing a change strip, as we did on Satrurday because, I understand, the manager thought it would provide better contrast with the opposition, is fully in compliance with the charter.

    Note also that the charter makes no reference to the first-choice kit being "quarters".

  • In many respects I am quite a traditionalist but, aesthetically, I find the all-white and burnt orange kits more attractive so that will add an extra frisson tomorrow!

    @EddieMonsoon (please, not Edmund!) is still registered with Gasroom 2 and I believe keeps an eye on it but for reasons unknown no longer delights us with his contributions.

  • That all white kit is tremendous

  • I'm surprised.that we have been forced to change from our blue quarters. Wondering why we couldn't wear that and make Forest Green play in our white or orange change strip if necessary?
    Don't think that club's have to register what strip options they will play in during a season (but maybe they do?) - and in any case, as the EFL say, they circumstances are exceptional.
    That said, given our recent upturn in performances wearing the change strip, I'm okay with the outcome.

  • I think I remember us wearing the white kit in a friendly against Chelsea, possibly this match...

  • Also remember us playing in Bristol Rovers away kit at their place in the Tommy Mooney days.

  • The suggestion in your opening paragraph @Twizz would make them look far too classy and, besides, we can’t afford the laundry bill.

  • Names on shirts are quite handy too.

  • It's not the end of the world, the thin end of the wedge, political correctness gone mad. We're doing them a let's stick 6 past them.

  • I remember Barking wearing our away Yellow kit at Adams Park in 86/87, I'd always longed to see Georgie Borg back in a Wandereres shirt, but not in these circumstances !!

  • Adams Park must have been slightly underdeveloped for that one @ChasHarps ! No call for that really but you know me.

  • Whoops I meant Loakes Park. Wet day if i remember, but George was still the darling of the cowshed that day.

  • I think we are doing the kindly thing and helping out a club with a problem .What goes around comes around you never when we will need a favour. By the way up until the late 60s it was customary in European ties for the home team to change in the event of a clash .In domestic competitions such as the old Amateur cup this was also the practise until about 1970 Sometimes both teams had to change which was rather odd . The European cup final of 1968 saw Man Utd wear Blue with Benefica White , while in 57 we wore red and Bishop Auckland wore white although we both wear Light and Dark blue normally . Here endeth the history lesson.

  • Used to be the same in the F.A. Cup.

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