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I believe every player is going to play their part this year, and there will obviously be a variety of lineups used. I know there have been various comments on desired lineups on other threads, but I wanted to start a thread to ask that question. What is a lineup you would like to see tried to try and unlock these L1 defenses?

For me, I would love to see (once injuries permit) a midfield of Freeman, Morris and Saunders, with a front three of Tyson and PCH on the wings, with Kashket in the middle. This attacking side of the lineup might lack a bit of height, but I fancy there would be some guile and speed that would ask some serious questions. I do believe Morris is going to be important this first half of the season, having clearly showed he has the quality with Shrewsbury last season.

To be clear, I think Bayo is going to be vital this season, and will start hitting the target. I also think Bloomfield and Bean (who seem villified in some quarters) will see their fair share of action. But I would like to see what this attacking lineup could achieve, especially if our opponents had spent all week preparing for the high ball and flick-ons, only to find themselves on their heels from direct running and clever passing.


  • You want to add pace to the side and yet you suggest leaving out by far our quickest player in Williams!

  • Fair point, but I still rate both Tyson and PCH above him currently, though he has impressed.

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