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FA Cup-ties next Saturday (25th)

If you’re not making the trip to Valley Parade next Saturday you may like to take in one of the many Preliminary Round FA Cup-ties next Saturday (25th). Here’s a list of games within striking distance of the Chair Metropolis (Maidenhead Utd also host Maidstone Utd in the National League k.o. 12.35). All the FA Cup games are 3pm:

Thame United v Berkhamsted
Beaconsfield Town v Uxbridge
Kidlington v Marlow
Didcot Town v Aylesbury FC
Chalfont St Peter v London Lions
Ascot United v Horndean

If you end up at an FA Cup game why not post a short report on here?


  • A reminder that the FA Cup Prize Fund has doubled this season, last season's figures in square brackets. No wonder Gareth wants a cup run this season.

    Extra preliminary round winners (184) £2,250 & losers £750 [£1,500 winners]
    Preliminary round winners (160) £2,890 & losers £960 [£1,925 winners]
    First round qualifying winners (116) £6,000 [£3,000]
    Second Round Qualifying winners (80) £9,000 [£4,500]
    Third Round Qualifying winners (40) £15,000 [£7,500]
    Fourth Round Qualifying winners (32) £25,000 [£12,500]
    First Round Proper winners (40) £36,000 [£18,000]
    Second Round Proper winners (20) £54,000 [£27,000]
    Third Round Proper winners (32) £135,500 [£67,500]
    Fourth Round Proper winners (16) £180,000 [£90,000]
    Fifth Round Proper winners (8) £360,000 [£180,000]
    Quarter-Final winners (4) £720,000 [£360,000]
    Semi-Final losers (2) £900,000 [£450,000]
    Semi-Final winners (2) £1,800,000 [£900,000]
    Final runners-up (1) £1,800,000 [£900,000]
    Final winners (1) £3,600,000 [£1,800,000]

    (I couldn't work out how to present it as a table, it seems to ignore extra spaces)

  • Getting to the 3rd round is £35.5k more rich than winning the league cup!

  • Kidlington v Marlow for me; I'll report back if the match warrants it.

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