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The ticket office at Wycombe

Hats off to them all working extremely hard over the last few weeks. Yes the call waiting time has been long, but they've always been cheerful despite being under a lot of pressure. Thanks guys and girls.


  • Have to say, always found ticket staff to be exceptionally helpful and polite and today they were brilliant. Must be a stressful couple of days for them.

  • A big thank you from me aswell. They are doing a great job for us.

  • I am sure Richard Foster and his (very) small team appreciate these kind remarks. It is at times like these that their resilience is tested most and it is good to know that many fans are patient and appreciative of the way that part of the office is run.

  • @AlanCecil I was in the Q for nearly an hour this morning, (arrived 09.15), only one girl working on the desk. Frustrating though it was, everyone I spoke with understood why. Tough times for the staff on and a further hats off to them.

  • It might be a coincidence, but the performance of all aspects of the club have dramatically improved since Howard replaced Woodward.

  • I was going to say something similar, but mine would have said 'since the Hayes days'. When I remember some aspects of the customer service in those days, I'm so glad we're where we are now.
    Hats off to the ticket staff, they are never less than superb these days.

  • Got my ticket this morning, l agree with all the above comments.Keep up the great work.

  • Yes they were very helpful yesterday

  • Really helpful staff there now. The lady yesterday was really friendly and even remembered me from when I got my Dons tickets.

    Great work guys.

  • Yeah they have always been great i never have a problem at all giving them a call

  • Agree completely. Had some issues with my Wimbledon tickets which were sorted very efficiently. Excellent customer services by Lily throughout.

  • My experiences of dealing with the ticket office mirror those of others on this thread and have done continually for some time. How sad, therefore, that the club reported via twitter that one of the staff took some abuse from a "supporter" yesterday.

  • Great to hear such an appreciative and, above all, understanding response. I gather there was some whingeing in the queue but mainly from people who were unaware that there was a priority system.

  • I have found the ticket office team really helpful all season. All credit to them. Abuse of any kind is completely out of order. Including the pillock Tuesday night who "comes from Swindon don't I?!" who hadn't been to enough away games, but still felt the need to pressure them into giving him a ticket he didn't qualify for. They handled the situation very well, much better than I would have if one of my clients had spoken to me in that manner.

  • Always had a good experience with ticlet office. Got through on about 20th call and in queue for 15 mins. Quite a novelty and comes with success. Bit of a shame that our last 2 away games don't have bigger away end. Hopefully we can get a bumper crowd go for Morecambe.

  • Somewhat late in the day but I just had to make a comment on the attitude of the young lady I dealt with this morning re a guest ticket for Saturday's game. Great telephone manner/sense of humour and efficient - that's Lily. Only disappoinment - beyond her control - was not being able to take my guest into the Woodland lounge which I've subscribed to since it was opened. So it's the Vere Suite where my guest, who is slightly disabled, will doubtless have to stand, or go to our seats earlier than we would wish.

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