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FGR (h) in the league cup 2nd round

Good chance to progress at least.


  • Another home gate, and round three at Old Trafford?

  • You either want a big draw, or you want a team to beat. Good draw, and a chance to win our first game outright (not on pens) in this cup for 12 years!

  • Great draw. Would have preferred to be away as I like going to FGR. Glad we avoided Oxford and Franchise

  • Why not play the game on Monday evening (27th)? It’s a Bank Holiday with most people off work. A good chance to promote this game rather than apologising for it and closing the Frank Adams Stand again! A really good opportunity to progress to Round Three and possibly draw a really big club!

  • FGR have made a decent start to their campaign. They will also fancy their chances of progressing. Could be another shootout...

  • @A_Worboys said:
    Why not play the game on Monday evening (27th)? It’s a Bank Holiday with most people off work. A good chance to promote this game rather than apologising for it and closing the Frank Adams Stand again! A really good opportunity to progress to Round Three and possibly draw a really big club!

    Because we're away at Bradford two days before? And away at Plymouth four days before that?

  • Forest Green are the same. If you want a club to be run on trust-ownership principles you have to act smart and maximise every available opportunity of bringing in extra revenue. Playing on Monday will allow the Family Stand in the Woodlands to be open & at least we’ll get some kids coming (along with their parents) - which wasn’t the case v Northampton.

  • Are you suggesting an afternoon kick off, Andy?

  • No, you’re not! Beg pardon. Have just checked back. Not sure, therefore, why you think children would come when they didn’t for the Northampton game. I’m probably missing something. Like a brain, perhaps.

  • I like Andy’s idea, and the principle behind it. I’m sure some games will be played that Monday, but probably between teams with more than 20 players in their squad!

  • As with everything, there would be both pros and cons to playing on the Monday, the balance of which could be swung by how important success in the League Cup is seen versus success in the League, and how the expected extra takings from playing on Monday would compare to the cup prize money and possible proceeds from additional cup matches.

    Playing on the Monday would be a stretch for the squad after two long away trips in the previous six days, which may not be good for the chances of success on the day or for a potentially very lucrative cup run.

    On the other hand, playing on the Monday would give the squad an extra days rest before the League match with Luton the following Saturday, and there would almost certainly be a bigger crowd. There would be a greater chance of my kids coming on the Monday, given that they are back to school mid-week where I live and it is unlikely I could persuade their mother that it would be OK for them to get home just shy of midnight on the evening before their first day of a new school year.

  • I generally like the idea of playing on that Bank Holiday Monday, but I think with our fixtures as they are and the size of our squad on this occasion it'd be footballing suicide. Forest Green have two home fixtures in the week before so that instantly puts them at a big advantage.

    I also agree with @micra in that I don't think there'd be an discernible increase in attendance unless you played the match at 3pm. Given it's not glamorous opposition, even then I think any increase will be small.

  • We need to stress the potential draw v a giant in round 3, and how attending this one gives you some sort of priority.

    A tough wording, to not sound like you're counting your chickens, and also to not cheese off any season ticket holders/ and the other lot who get their rightful priorities...

  • Are we allowed to pick and choose what nights/days we play?...otherwise this is rather a moot tangent.

  • Rule 4.2 The date of the tie shall be determined by the Management Committee after consultation with both Clubs involved. The time of kick off shall be fixed by the Home Club, except in the Final Tie and where a match is played on a neutral ground, when the kick off time will be fixed by the Management Committee after consultation with both Clubs.

    However last season 69 games were played on a Tuesday, 22 on a Wednesday and there was one game on a Thursday so clearly no team chose to play the game on a Monday.

  • Yeah it should be played on bank holiday Monday 3pm kick off. Make it happen WWFC. Likely to be worth an extra 1,000 on the gate and an extra four figure sum which is always handy.

    Half the side likely to be rested anyway as per Tuesday.

    Great idea @A_Worboys

  • Surely with just over a week's notice, a tonne load of people who can make Tuesday, can't make Monday anyway (like me), which would counterbalance any "extras".

  • We don't know yet whether it will be chosen for live television coverage

  • @Malone said:
    Surely with just over a week's notice, a tonne load of people who can make Tuesday, can't make Monday anyway (like me), which would counterbalance any "extras".

    There are 160 stones in a ton, so assuming there are a lot of our fat bald supporters averaging 16 stone, you are only talking about 10 fans!

  • I cannot make the Monday or the Tuesday and I'm at least a tonne.

  • I don't like Bank Holiday games. Too many other distractions to give a bigger crowd and cuts in to a day off.

  • Regarding the Bank Holiday option for the FGR game, another possibility would be a 7pm kick-off to enable kids to get home at a reasonable time. Some clubs already do this in the Checkatrade Trophy where they are promoting the game to youngsters. It also frees up most of the rest of the bank holiday.

    Of course you’re never going to please everybody but the 1,500+ home attendance v Northampton was really poor. Looking at the figures (by taking off VAT & allowing 45% as WW’s split of the gate money), the club would benefit by roughly Β£3,000 + catering add-ons etc per extra 1,000 on the gate. That money would pay for the bar coolers & probably the repair of the scoreboards too. But maybe it’s just easier never to look at initiatives & simply to carry on holding out the begging bowl?

  • On a separate money note, did anyone see the "prize money" per round for the league cup?

    It looked like something from decades back , with Β£5k to the winners of round 1 and only Β£100k to the winners of the whole thing!

    I can't recall what the Checkatrade money is these days, but that looks pretty solid compared to this!

  • Time for the club to throw away the begging bowl and take on a fan's initiative for once and if it doesn't work @A_Worboys will cover the shortfall. ; - )

  • Supporters wise and financially the scales probably would tip towards a bank holiday (how about a 5pm KO? Be interesting to see how that went on a non work day).

    Playing wise I think if you asked GA he'd prefer it on the Tuesday as it would be a lot of games in a short period.

    He should have the ultimate say.

    But a sound idea

  • @A_Worboys If the squad having less time to get over two long away trips may impact their chance of success then, even with the additional income, which could well be in the region you estimate, playing on the Monday may not be the best option for club finances.

    Does the club play on Monday, with a lower chance of winning but knowing they might get Β£3000 more income from ticket sales, etc?

    Or do they play on Tuesday, knowing they may be missing out on Β£3000 income from ticket sales, etc., but hoping it will give them an increased chance of winning the match and, hence, getting the prize money (I think it was Β£7000 for a 2nd Round win last year) and a big pay day from a 3rd Round tie against a Premier League side?

  • @Uncle_T given they are likely to rest several players anyway as against Northampton that argument carries little weight.

    On a separate note very disappointing that out of that crowd of 1,999 on Tuesday there were at least two police officers present, a completely unnecessary waste of money eating into that Β£5k prize money for winning the match. Police were also bizarrely present against Brentford in a friendly.

  • @Midlander , one of them wasn't completely redundant, going to have a word with some shimmering ape in our crowd who chucked a full bottle on.
    The steward and his "ooh betty maybe you shouldn't have done that" attitude probably wouldn't have been enough.

    Police will be needed tomorrow for sure!

  • @malone the bottle thrower was absolutely stupid. But it landed nowhere near a player and shouldn’t be used to justify a police presence that wasn’t needed.

    I agree police are needed tomorrow. They weren’t on Tuesday or in any friendlies.

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