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BIG Interview with the WWFC Fan Council

We've just recorded an important interview with The Wycombe Wanderers Fan Council media manager Dale Why discussing some important events happening very soon, please have a listen to our podcast to hear all about it and our reaction to the recent game against Blackpool


  • Vast improvement from the first one I listened to fellas. Perhaps having a game to react to helps to give the podcast more structure?

  • Interesting podcast. Dale Why, the lads’ guest, seems to be developing the Fans’ Council both in numbers and in terms of commitment to specific projects. The plan to fund the purchase of a larger and more efficient fridge for the terrace kiosk through JustGiving seems a highly commendable and timely initiative.

    I’m not sure about the accuracy of the statement, I think by Dale, that only a few days remain for the signing of free agents and loan players. I thought we had until the end of the month. And the three guys seemed less optimistic (certainly than I am) about our prospects of surviving in League 1.

    But, as @Wendoverman says, a much improved and better structured podcast than the last one.

    Someone on the Gasroom recently talked about speaking to GA at the kit launch when the latter said that he’d told the players to go out and enjoy themselves (during games, that is). Was that you, Dale, and if so could you remind me of your username? Save endless scrolling.

  • I thought you could sign a free agent at any point in the season?

  • Linked to the discussion on here about improving F&B, the Fans Council are looking to raise money to help purchase a new bottle cooler for the terrace drinks pod.

    Link here:

    Good to see the Fans Council pulling together.

  • Already over 75% of the way to funding this, let's try and get this paid for:

  • I see this got achieved - good work from the Fans Council.

    Much was made of when Gareth Ainsworth had to pay for nets and balls out of his own pocket that time and I must say that angered me quite a lot.

    Could the Fans Council (sorry not sure who it is on here) approach the playing side of the club and see if there's anything they need up to Β£1000 or so and we could have a stump up for it?

    Tony Adams' scouting software was Β£500 a year wasn't and he got the foxtrot oscar off the regime.

  • @DJWYC14 said:
    Already over 75% of the way to funding this, let's try and get this paid for:

    Can I send a cheque or give cash direct. If so how? Prefer to avoid justgiving creaming of 5%.

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