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Vital Wycombe

Just a quick note to say that after ten years I've decided not to continue running Vital Wycombe.

Thanks to everyone who read it. I have thoroughly enjoyed putting it together.

Thanks also to the various volunteers who contributed articles over the last decade, most recently @DJWYC14 @clifty04 and Dale Hurman.

Within the ten years, we've had 3 promotions, 2 relegations, the miracle of Torquay and the play-off final at Wembley, so very few seasons with nothing at stake.

All that was missing was consolidation in League One, but with a bit of luck that's about to happen.



PS: I'm sure they'll be looking for new people to man the site, so good luck to the next incumbents.


  • So long Len. Thanks for all your work for vital.

  • Very sad to hear this, thank you for all your hard work in the last decade. Hopefully someone will take it on and maintain the high standard, we need an independent website.

  • Sad news. Thanks for all your hard work, I've really enjoyed reading your previews and reports

    And it was great to meet you at the end of the game on that magical day at Torquay. I can think of no better setting

  • I have enjoyed reading it, thanks for your efforts.

  • A sad day. Always enjoyed the match reports (even when the reporter clearly wasn’t at the same game as me) and the previews. Thank you for all the hard work.

  • I have enjoyed reading the match reports and will miss them. Thank you for all the hard work.

  • Thanks Len, and good luck with whatever you take up to fill the void

  • Thanks Len, always enjoyed reading Wycombe Vital and hope someone else picks up the torch.

  • Thanks for all the hard work, Len, I hope you enjoy a well-deserved "retirement"!

  • Thanks very much for the hard work!! I'm new to posting on here but read a lot and always enjoyed the match reports and particularly the opposition view (especially when we win, even more especially against teams that think they have a Way Of Playing®).

    I have a season ticket and get to quite a few away game and would be more than happy to chip in with a match report or two if needed... Who should I speak to about that?

  • Thanks for all the hard work, Len. Much appreciated!

  • That's a shame. It was a well run site. It will be missed.

  • Thanks for all your hard work Len, I always took the time to read your previews and match reports with some interest. I hope someone can step in and maintain the high quality output.

  • Endorse all the above comments Len, like Luke O9 you’ll be a difficult man to replace.

  • Please reassure us you're not going to Sunderland Vital, Len!

  • Thank you so much Len, hopefully this signals a few years of League 1 mediocrity!

    Well done sir!

  • Thanks for all your hard work Lenny

  • What they all said. Been a superb resource for previews, reviews and stats and all your hard work has been immensely appreciated. Thanks.

  • The best match reports on Wycombe anywhere, will be missed, as will the ‘opposition view’ which always made for interesting reading! I hope they replace you Len but you have set the bar very high. Thanks for the past decade.

  • I’ve come late to this thread as I’d assumed it was an early version of the Previews/stats we’d come to know and love. ‘Twas only today that I decided to brave the prospect of a rather downbeat look at our chances on Saturday. Will really miss the previews and match reports but maybe @OnOurWay and one or two others will be prepared to take over the reins. Really hope so.

  • yup, really enjoyed all the reports/previews etc, I'm sure it's a ton of work to maintain (especially when the reports go up so quickly after the game) so it's no mean feat to keep running. Thanks to you and all those who have contributed.

  • Thank you Len for all your work running the site and the likes of @DJWYC14 and @clifty04 who have contributed to its success.

    Always enjoyed reading independent, objective reports that would praise us when we were good but would also say when we were rubbish. Also enjoyed the Opposition View articles, especially when we won and would enjoy reading the gushing praise of our opponent's supporters over my Sunday morning cup of tea.

    Thank you for everything. Hopefully someone will step up and keep your hard work going.

  • You’ve expressed everything that I’ve always felt about the Vital reports but failed to bring out in my post in the early hours @Jonny_King.

  • It's a real shame you and the team are stepping down, I've enjoyed reading your match reports in particular. I hope it means you'll have more time to contribute on this forum at least - and hopefully you can nudge Che / Benny / @DJTaylor into posting a little more as well (I'm sure he's a lurker!)

  • The @DJTaylor suggested signings were always good for a laugh.

    BTW (!) our Facebook friends have confirmed that Tomi Adeloye will be signing. Well, they’re pretty sure.

  • Whilst this means absolutely nothing (for example: he might just be posting it to show off that he got a run-out against a West Ham XI), Adeloye's Twitter account does have a picture of him in a WWFC kit at the top.

  • Please see Transfer Speculation thread.

  • @Vital, Dale, Benny, Clifty et al - well done on the many years of providing a fantastic resource and service to Chairboys fans everywhere. I imagine that it was taken for granted by many people, though I'm sure no one will begrudge you a rest from it!

  • Thanks for the kind comments, they're much appreciated.

    Now COYB

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