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We've just uploaded a new dedicated Wycombe Wanderers podcast!! Please click the link and give it a listen, its only short and we would appreciate any support we can get so please share too!!


  • You might get more responses if you turned off your caps lock.

  • @drcongo said:
    You might get more responses if you turned off your caps lock.


  • You’ve got to write out more of a script. It takes quite a while to get onto any serious conversation. I still have no idea about what you think of the LO’N transfer.

    Why does one of you keep saying No,No,No,No / Um/Um/Um/Um. Answer one of the questions you are asked instead of trying to be funny. It’s Brentesque at best.

    It’s certainly worth you listen to other football podcasts like the football ramble and guardian weekly.

  • Dreadful podcast. Almost as worse as our pre-season and transfer business.

  • Oh dear, this isn't a great reception. Sorry you didn't like it

  • edited August 2018

    Sorry you didn't like it, we try and keep the podcast light hearted and funny. But i know we can make it better.

  • @Bacon_Sandwich

    Hello, I'm the main host of the podcast and i do try and keep the podcast atlas to some degree of professionalism and I'm sorry that my co host is a bit of a shambles she it comes to talking about things seriously. We will improve for the upcoming season, and i appreciate your comments on how to make it better.

    Thanks, Maxim

  • I think there is a feeling with podcasts in general that you can just turn up and blather on...a bit like everyone thinking they can do stand up because your mates laugh at you after sixteen pints. Sometimes it is true....but I suspect the best examples of the genre are structured so you can pull the discussion round when it's come to a conclusion or started to meander.

  • Initially, we started this podcast as a bit of a laugh, we're only students and didn't really think we'd gain that much of an audience. I completely understand all the complaints and will improve the podcasts in future

  • @drcongo said:
    You might get more responses if you turned off your caps lock.

    Fair point

  • Hey...I am an old git and am impressed with anyone who can make a mobile phone work so don't be too put off @RealMaxim743. I think you have to remember we don't have any idea who you are or what your relationship is, etc it's not like we've got the shorthand of knowing it is David Baddiel and Frank Skinner or Danny Baker and Danny Kelly and who they support and what they've done before. You need to explain a bit more about yourselves as, to be honest, otherwise why should anyone listen to you? . You need to establish yourselves and one of you needs to be the chairman (you can change over) who keeps an eye on the agenda even if the other one is banging on and can control it a little bit. As someone else more confident you need to take a stand...rather than just saying....I wonder what other fans should be I think this about the transfer because of this this and this and you can discuss. People should be left with an idea what both of you think...even if one of you has to take a view you might not actually have in order to fire up the discussion. (So might need some research on both sides of opinion.) Don;t be downhearted...but if you put anything up on the interweb you must realise by now you're going to get burned!!

  • Thankyou, very much appreciate the comment and i completely agree. Like i said before, we will improve the podcast next week with a different style which is more enjoyable for listeners.

  • @RealMaxim743 Don't be too downhearted, some of the best long running podcasts were a little bit shambolic when they started. The advice earlier to listen to some other football podcasts is good, but I'd suggest not just listening to football podcasts, listen to some truly great podcasts and try to understand what makes them great. Talk to anyone who makes those great podcasts and they'll tell you 90% of it is in the edit. Edit out everything that is meandering, do re-takes where you fluffed up, add some stings to segue unrelated parts of the discussion, edit together related parts of the discussion that may have happened at different times in the recording. Always remember you're telling a story even if you're not telling a story - read Kurt Vonnegut's rules for writing - not all are applicable in your case but number 1 is applicable in every case.

    Some podcast greats that I'd recommend studying: Radiolab, S-Town, In the Dark.

    Also worth listening to the whole of season 1 of Start Up, which is about launching a podcasting business. While the business side of it is probably not so interesting to you at the moment, in at least one episode you get to listen in on some gruelling editing sessions and can understand what goes into making it worth listening to.

  • S-Town is brilliant, @drcongo , agreed, but isn't the genre a bit too distant to be relevant to a football podcast?

  • @Wig_and_Pen It's all journalism. S-Town I'd say follows more than half of Vonnegut's rules, and that's what makes it listenable.

    On a side note, I personally can't listen to podcasts where it's just a couple of mates chatting, you need variety and different opinions. You need someone with a story to tell. You need a reason for someone who doesn't know you to want to tune in and stay listening.

  • Good luck to you, though promoting the podcast with screaming caps "TRUE FANS" just made me think SMBU was making a comeback.
    Talking of which, a SMBU podcast would be a thing to behold...

  • I've just made another new podcast with some of your input, thank you all for your help. here is the link to listen..

    We talk about our Wycombe memories and favourite moments!

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