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Blackpool (h) (League One) Attendance Prediction



  • It’s hot weather and holiday time and surely everyone in Blackpool will be at the Rebellion festival?
    A not very optimistic 3,850 with 225 from Blackpool.

  • Forgot to put a score .... 0-0

  • 4606 (422 away). Hot weather, slow-paced game, 0-0 draw.

  • I'm going for an optimistic 5131 with 534 tango men and women.

  • 4777 with 693 from Blackpool witness a 2-1 home win.

  • @ReadingMarginalista said:
    I'm going for an optimistic 5131 with 534 tango men and women.

    How many children?

  • Not a prediction as such, but a mildly interesting thought... Anyone who was at the Coventry home game in February and tomorrow's match will have seen the team play in conditions almost 40 degrees apart within 6 months. I doubt that there's ever been such a stark contrast between two league matches played at AP in the same calendar year.

  • Hope it's a better game!

  • Stealing my thunder, eh @Last_Quarter ?!
    To be honest, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind but it’s certainly an interesting one. Realistically, max temp tomorrow will be 28 degrees Celsius. I’m not 100% certain but I think the evening temperature on 27 February would have been around minus 2 Celsius. A difference of 30 degrees. Convert to “the old money” (Fahrenheit) and the figures are 82 and 28 respectively - a difference of 54 degrees. Pretty remarkable and probably unprecedented.

  • @micra I'm pretty certain thst the wind chill that night brought the temperature down to -9. It was certainly the coldest I've ever been at a footy match, and given the quality of football match, a real test of endurance!

  • It was minus 3 at 6pm and minus 5 at midnight (Past Weather stats, High Wycombe). What you felt (ie wind chill effect) doesn’t count, unpleasant as it must have been and I was jolly glad I’d double booked Oye Santana at the Swan that evening!

  • I have just updated the spreadsheet and picked up the prediction by @Thicketblue off the Charity Score Prediction sheet by @DevC.

    We say 4451 total crowd and 422 away supporters if we take our average.
    Just over 90% Wycombe fans - not quite at the levels of the Stevenage game.
    Up the Blues. Never mind the heat - Let us start making a noise!

    Small print - will get a Terry's lapel badge for the game as a prize if possible. I might have a chance to update again before leaving at around 11:30. All predictions posted before 14:00 count.

  • Sorry but please can I amend my attendance prediction to 4438

  • Surely adjustments of greater than a specified number or percentage should not be allowed?

  • It was 5,115 with 459 Blackpool.

  • It was good to be back ..... and there is a very positive note about the attendance figures yesterday: we made 30 predictions and the vast majority - 27 of them - were below the actual attendance and the actual away crowd was midway through the range of our predictions. We surprised ourselves with a bigger crowd than we expected.
    It is my perception that we went away happy with the 0 - 0 and perhaps our figures for the Bristol Rovers game will be similar. That is two games in a row - Stevenage and Blackpool where a big crowd has not resulted in a disappointment for the masses.

    Congratulations to @ReadingMarginalista with 5131, only 16 away from the official figure of 5115 and an honourable mention to @StrongestTeam who was the only other person within a 100 with 5200. Excellent predicting by those who predicted at the high end, especially as they were outliers when they made the predictions.

    The closest to the away crowd total was @Wig_and_Pen who was only 3 out with his carefully chosen 456. @micra, @Thicketblue and @ForeverBlue were all within 10! We were much better at predicting the size of the away crowd than our own home support yesterday.

    I will message @ReadingMarginalista - I did manage to acquire the label badge from yesterday's game.

    Lots of fun yesterday. I will be going to Doncaster and will put a thread later - probably tonight.

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