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Well its that time again - Yes Rebellion Festival

So here is it is again. The greatest and the best and still totally independent Punk festival in the world.

I will post some stuff over the next few days. as usual.


  • Just to get you in gear. Madrid's finest Oi! Band

    We were raised away from their big houses
    Since we were kids we got the cold shoulder
    They never counted with us
    Yes they never counted with us

    We make our living in every street in every corner
    Doing the dirty jobs that nobody wants to do
    But we are so full of fucking pride
    We don't want to change no way

    Oooh hated & rejected
    And you still have work to do!

    Sometimes the road could make us fall
    But we will always stand up
    We are survivors in your social paradise
    And our only way out is to fight
    Fight fight fight!

    Oooh hated & rejected
    And you still have work to do!

  • I think I’ll stick to music.

  • I’m tempted by the band names alone. What sort of a mind comes up with “Surgery without Research”?

  • The kind that stayed at a Holiday Inn last night?

  • And in other tenuous punkish cousin's band The Weird Things will be supporting Rat Scabies band at the 100 Club on 10th August.

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