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Injury dilemma Saturday

So if Alfie, JJ, Nico Yennaris, Arron Holloway and Matt Mclure are out injured, what are we to do!


Fletcher Pierre Murphy Bean

Saunders Craig Bloomfield Wood

Fred and Hayes

Subs..Ephraim Richardson Ainsworth

The risk is being exposed left and right at the back by Fletcher's inexperience and Bean playing out of position. Wood should push up to midfield as he gives us such a good attacking option. We would be down to bare bones. Who'd be a manager eh.


  • I agree Woody is better in midfield but I think I'd rather see him at left back than Bean. The worrying thing is that whenever we've been missing either Pierre or Mawson we've struggled, e.g. Barnet, Burton and, ironically, Wimbledon. Two loses and we had to rely on Ingram to keep as in the game at Barnet.

  • If this were to be the case I think I'd want GA at RB over Fletcher, with Wood at LB and Ephriam on the wing. Saunders in the middle over Craig.

    But I'm sure most of those injured will end up playing.

  • Bean can't play at left back

  • Il bring my boots

  • Ingram

    Bean Pierre Murphy Wood

    Ephraim Saunders Bloomfield Fred

    Craig Hayes

  • Yep, that's the one Ephraim is class, just not well suited to league two football.

  • JJ will be fit to play.

  • Beansy can do a job anywhere in the back line

  • I'm told JJ has been explicitly ruled out.

  • Hoping Niko, Alfie and JJ will make it. Don't think Holloway or McClure have a prayer.

    Based on the above:
    Niko, Alfie, Pierre, JJ
    Saunders, Murphy, Bloomfield, Wood
    Hayes, Fred
    Subs: Lynch, Fletcher, Bean, Ephraim, Craig, (GA?, Max?)

    Worst case, If no NY/JJ/AM:

    Bean, Pierre, Murphy, Wood
    Fred, Saunders, Bloomfield, Ephraim
    Hayes, Craig
    Subs: Lynch, (GA, Max?)

  • Have faith in GA! And hope the others come back soon .

  • Time to put an advert on Ceefax.

  • Agreed, it could be worth looking at out of contract players that perhaps have been training with other clubs to keep fit. Got to worth looking because we could have the same issues for the remainder of the games

  • Ingram
    Pierre Murphy Fletcher
    Craig Ephraim Saunders Bloomfield Wood
    Fred Hayes
    Subs: Bean, GA, Lynch.....

  • You can't play Fletcher ahead of Beansy in a game this big.

  • @hg1 we can't sign any more players. Window is shut.

  • Don't think the window applies to out-of-contract players, does it?

  • I believe cut off was same day as loan window shutting.

  • According to Ainsworth in the BFP, Yennaris is likely to be fit for Saturday, JJ possibly. Mawson had a dead leg, muscle injuries for Holloway & McClure, unclear if they'll be out of the side for Saturday.

  • I thnk playing three/five at the back is even more dangerous than playing a weaker four - it's attractive in that it keeps Woody in the game more but it's not a system we've played this season (as far as I can recall) and I'd be really worried that two busy and effective forwards from AFCW would rip us apart. Better to stick to four; at least they know what they're doing then.

  • @StrongestTeam You may have a point re: Bean over Hogan. I'm not a huge fan of either to be honest but needs must!

  • Bean over Ephraim any day of the week

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