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Pre-season quiz

Name the 39 players who have made more than 100 appearances for WWFC in the Football League


  • Not great - only 25 out of 39 - bit of a mental block.

  • 28 for me - I knew I was running out of ideas when I tried Charlie Mapes...

  • @Last_Quarter I still maintain that boy had potential.

  • 29 - the time limit did for me

    I missed some absolute sitters

  • After a stewards enquiry, a 40th Football League centurion has been found.

    (Not embarrassing in the slightest...)

    1. Thought I'd done well until I saw the six I'd not got, including some current players!
  • Just typing Johnson doesn't work. Didn't realise they required first names as well.

  • @Croider Only for surnames that are shared by more than one player

  • 31/40, like a few others I missed a few blatantly obvious ones (well, clearly they weren't blatantly obvious to me...)

    I also can't help but notice that Michael Harriman is omitted from the list despite making 121 league appearnces for us!

  • @ChairboyTom Yet another example of a blatantly obvious player who was missed! Thanks for the heads up

  • Stefan Oakes got what it takes?

  • Harriman is on the list.

    1. Like most before me I’m kicking myself over the ones I missed.
  • That's a tough one as it's not players who have made international appearances only whilst playing for Wycombe. I only got 14!

  • El Abd missing (and Carlos Lopez if we’re including Olympic games)

  • And Dion Dublin missing.

  • Does Alfie Mawson count too?

  • @DevC Handball Stef is also a centurion, you're correct.

  • Ah that is good news, Reading. First step to heaven on a disappointingly wet morning.

  • It wouldn’t be disappointing here @DevC .
    Badly needed.

  • Don't get me wrong, Micra, its been a glorious summer but today frankly, you could be bang under the moon of love and you wouldn't know.

  • I hate to admit defeat @DevC but I confess that you have flummoxed me. I vaguely recall a hit song in (probably) the ‘seventies but I don’t think banging came into it. Shame really.

  • Sorry Micra. I thought it was common knowledge. The aforementioned Stefan Oakes's dad was a member of Showwaddywaddy, hence weak pun attempt.

    I am afraid I am a little too young to have done much banging to the tunes of ShowWW. I thought you would remember then though.....

  • BWK then (as @EddieMonsoon was wont to say). That abbreviation flummoxed me too when “Eddie” used it on the original Gasroom. That fact about Stefan Oakes’ dad is mildly interesting and I was amazed that he’d played over 100 times for Wycombe, including substitute
    appearances I assume.

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