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  • I believe we will finish a lot higher than 18th tbh. Mid table as a minimum with an outside chance of 9/10th?

  • This one seems more like lazy journalism and looking at coffers before quality. We shall see how big the step up is for the boys. COYB!!!!

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    'Nobody are expecting Wycombe to put up much of a fight this season...' what a ridiculous statement! I am for one...

  • It really is ridiculous. Everyone knows it should be “Nobody is expecting.....,”.
    The statement itself is even more ridiculous. Has any Wycombe team over the past three or four years not put up a hell of a fight, taking the season as a whole? With recent and prospective additions to a squad that has such a wealth of experience and togetherness, I think we can look forward to a solid mid-table finish. I agree with @EwanHoosaami.

  • agree @micra I think we will have a consolidating season at worst. Most of the squad will be at home in League One. Talking down Stanley might be a tad too early as well.

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    I really don't know how we are going to fare next season, I think it's hard to tell until Ainsworth has completed his transfer business, but I'm not confident right now we'd avoid relegation.

    We haven't significantly strengthened - hopefully we've landed another solid CB to avoid the endless rotation of defensive partnerships of last season, and a moderate upgrade in Allsop on Brown.

    But overall, we're very much the same squad that did well in League Two.

    As has been well documented on the Gasroom in recent weeks/months, almost every team in recent years whose gone up to League One hasn't been involved in a relegation battle. But how many of those teams did so without signing a few big improvements?

  • @OxfordBlue - I think you are being overly pessimistic. Allsop is a big upgrade on Brown. Charles is an experienced 1st division central defender who can also fill in for other positions. Hopefully we will have a fit Stewart which we lacked last season and likewise with Kashket.

    I am sure there will also be a couple of loanees, a creative midfielder and an understudy for the Beast. I would love to see Randell Williams come back on loan.

  • I think the question will be: how effective is Plan A? If we can still function off Bayo, the enthusiasm and skill of Kashket and Paris and the nous and experience of CMS and Tyson should keep that end up.

    If we can keep 2 of El-Abd, Stewart and Charles fit for most of the season the defence is a significant upgrade.

    Gape and O’Nien will I think prove more than capable in midfield. But. I think the key will be Saunders. If he can remain fit enough to play for 3/4 of the season i think we’ll be okay.

    A few more ifs than I’d like, but it’s pre-season, sunny and the pubs are open

  • Agree @mooneyman Sounds like Thompson can cover right-back and midfield.

  • I’ve not been able to track down any detailed information about Charlie Fox but he evidently impressed most people on Saturday and if signed on loan could be a valuable addition to the central defensive options.

    I am of course pleased that Curtis Thompson has put pen to paper.

  • @mooneyman I hope I am. I've full faith that Ainsworth is the man to get the best out of this squad, and think he probably will pull 3 or 4 top class loan signings out the bag over the course of the season too to bolster things.

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