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Tony Chubb, my Uncle. RIP

Hi All,

It is with sadness that i have to tell you that my Uncle Tony Chubb sadly passed away last Wednesday at the age of 92. I understand that he played for Wycombe in the 50's or 60's but have been unable to find any information on this. He lived in High Wycombe right up until his passing last week.

I always remember when I was young going round to my Uncles house and he would always talk about football, cricket and how Wycombe was getting on. With myself being a Brentford fan it seems quite apt that we are playing each other tomorrow so I hope to be at tomorrows match in memory of my Uncle.

If anyone knew Tony or has any memories they would like to share I would love to hear them.

The funeral will be at Amersham Crematorium on Friday at 10:00am, all are welcome.


  • RIP. Perhaps you could email the club and have an announcement made in his memory. 92 is a ripe old age though, may we all live as long.

  • The latest newsletter to members of the Ex-Players Association says this:

    "Tony Chubb
    Sad to report on the death of another of our founder members. Tony Chubb was possibly the last survivor of the Wycombe team that played in the Great Western Combination in 1943. An industrious and hard-working centre-forward, he returned to the club in 1948 after that one season and played for four more years at Loakes Park. Unlucky to be competing for a place up front against such stars as Jock McCallum, and Frank Avery, he was restricted to 15 senior games. But he scored seven first team goals and was a prolific scorer for the powerful reserve side.

    “He was a lovely man, a really enthusiastic Wanderers fan and very proud to be able to say he played for the club,” recalls Alan Hutchinson. “Our thoughts are with wife Pearl and all his family.”
    The funeral for Tony, who celebrated his 92nd birthday in March, will be held at Amersham Crematorium on Friday at 10am."

  • Just to add, the breakdown for senior appearances is (from Dave Finch):
    1943-44: 5 apps, 3 goals
    1948-49: 7 apps, 3 goals
    1951-52: 3 apps, 1 goal

    Tony played as a centre forward, inside forward and left and right winger.

  • Just been talking to Ken Allen. He remembers him well. Said he was a good cricketer as well. His brother was also a good all-round sportsman, apparently. Ken mentioned that another keen Wycombe fan, Michael Barber, used to work with Tony in the foam industry.

  • Just looked him up in the Steve Peart/Dave FInch Bible. One of his goals in 48/49 was in a 5-1 thrashing of Wimbledon. Sadly he doesn't appear in any of the squad photos in the book.

    I'm so sorry for your loss, but as you say, tomorrow's game will be the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to him. Hope you have a great evening.

  • Whoops! Wrote the above before dinner and just pressed “post comment” a couple of minutes agonwithout checking earlier posts.

  • Does Alan Hutchinson get to games or post on here?

  • Thank you all for your kind comments. He certainly was a lovely man, very fit and athletic and put a lot of us younger people to shame.

  • @hobbsy said:
    Thank you all for your kind comments. He certainly was a lovely man, very fit and athletic and put a lot of us younger people to shame.

    Did he still go to games until the end of 2016/17

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