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Mystic Marvin

I’m fairly sparing with my visits to the Fans’ FB Page (why is it called a page?) but feel I should give a shout-out/heads up for one Marvin Heffernan who predicted 4 weeks ago that the World Cup Final would feature England and France. Prescient or what?
Ah, but wait.......


  • It’s a pity that the poster you mention didn’t show the same amount of forethought when he was calling for Gareth Ainsworth to be sacked.

  • I’m fairly sure he is an elaborate troll most of the time.

  • I wasn’t aware of that, @glasshalffull.
    Like yourself, I’m not a fan of the Fans’ FB Page and I have seen very few posts by the Mystic. From what I have seen, he would be at home in Pseud’s Corner. A touch pretentious. But, subject to the outcome tonight of course, to have predicted pre-tournament that two teams would come from nowhere to the Final would be quite remarkable.

  • I predicted a France/England final after the Panama game. Not quite as good as pre-tournament, however I am regretting not putting money on it (after I went big on Saudi Arabia to beat Russia in the first game!)

  • Pretty perceptive though @Tom .

  • Micra, he’s more than a touch pretentious he’s what many people would call a smart a..e and he can turn quite nasty when his view is challenged.

  • I hate people like that

  • 1 Chicken... 2 chickens... 3 chickens....

  • Wonder if he's related to former Chesham United forward Liam Heffernan?

  • The only one on that FB page that I have on block.
    Abusive, aggressive and tries to paint himself as some sort of Russell Brand type with his use of language.

  • @micra. The England part is clearly the great prediction (if it is to come off!!)

    It didn't take magic to predict France would be in the final ( i had them to win it from the off - hope that's wrong!)

  • Malone’s description of this guy is spot on.

  • Can’t say I’m exactly warming to the guy!

  • There can be few worse insults than being compared to the odious Russell Brand!

  • I can think of a couple

  • Does the second word rhyme with Harry ?
    Mr plant ?

  • Sorry to upset any Russell Brand fans out there, of course.

  • @glasshalffull not a fan of Forgetting Sarah Marshall?

  • I’m as much a fan of Russell Brand as you are of Tories.

  • Hang on...weren't you the @glasshalffull complaining elsewhere about people introducing politics into a thread for no good reason?

  • I said that criticising a person’s politics on the very day they had died was unnecessary and disrespectful. The reference to Tories was-as I suspect you realise-a light hearted reference to Chris’s apparent affection for Russell Brand.

  • I thought Chris WAS Russell Brand!

  • @glasshalffull being pedantic I don’t think @DevC did criticise Lord Carringtons politics. He just mentioned he was a Tory. Which he was.

    The “boo” was a statement of his own politics (presumably) which is a) valid and b) not particularly disrespectful and c) funny to some of us

  • Nah, RB is a Hammer

  • @micra, and close thread.

  • Sad night. Marvin demystified. Thread closed. COYB.

  • Glasshalfparry has West Ham connections...

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