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Peter Carrington

Lord Peter Carrington's death announced today at 99 no less.

As well as being a Tory politician (boo) and if I remember correctly defence secretary, Carrington has an important place in WWFC history in that he negotiated sale of the land that became Loakes Park that was then gifted onto club by Frank Adams.

I am sure I read somewhere that the sale was at substantially below market rate and hence that Carrington is due some of the credit (leaving aside his tory past) alongside Adams. Cant find anything now, so possible I may have got that wrong. Anybody confirm?


  • From that wikipedia ' The ground was donated to the club by Frank Adams, a former Wanderers player who had bought the freehold on the ground from Lord Carrington in 1945.'

    Think he owned most of Buckinghamshire so I would not be surprised if was involved somewhere. The toffs needed to get rid of a lot of their land in 1945 didn't they? Oik government, taxes and all that unpleasantness. Having said that if he gave Mr Adams a bargain....fair play to him.

  • Peter, eh? Rarely hear his first name.

  • Perhaps Dev as the fount of all knowledge, can explain why he was born Carington (one r) but was known as Lord Carrington (two r's)?

  • He was a pirate, me hearties

  • He gave up the Falklands pretty easily as well.

  • mooney
    apparently he felt he would fit in more in the Tory party if he was an "r"s.

    Personally I have never thought there was a place for u when discussing fonts of all knowledge..........

  • @DevC, I don't know if it was substantially below market rate, but we will be eternally grateful that he did sell it to Frank Adams. I wrote to Lord Carrington in the early 90s, asking what he remembered of the sale, very little he replied, but he did remember the sale going through. He was a Life Vice-President of the club.

  • Interesting post Dev, welcome return to form

  • What a shame that some people can’t show respect to the deceased-especially a person who seemed to have done the club a favour-without bringing that person’s politics into the arena.

  • What a shame some people are Tories.

  • Thanks for proving my point.

  • Why the need for a political reference/sideswipe? A football forum should be immune from this devc

  • I’m pretty sure Peter would have been proud to be a Tory, so calling him such is hardly disrepectful. If the post you are complaining about is @DevC’s lighthearted joke about ‘r’s then you’re being more than a little snowflakey.

  • My point is that both DevC and now you have unnecessarily brought your political views into a report about someone’s death.

  • He was a politician.

  • Does that apply to all politicians when they die?

  • Gawd it gets hot on here very quickly just lately. This forum should be free of opinion the way it always has been.

  • What a shame some people are socialists

  • Between Carrington & Dashwood they owned a huge chunk of the area, My house deeds have stipulations by Dashwood that businesses can not be run from the estate. As the Labour party didn't start until around 1900 and I don't believe we have ever had a Labour MP in High Wycombe, it would stand to reason that anyone with an interest in politics in Wycombe would be a Conservative. But good on the man.

  • @Fit2drop . Wycombe returned a Labour MP in 1945 and the seat was retained in the 1950 General Election.

  • Had one in 1945-51

    Chris Bryant went close in 97

  • Not too many Scouse Tory MP's in recent years.
    Maybe all the Merseyside blue Rosette brigade emigrated to the sunnier climate of Bourne End and Cookham.

  • Carlos Santana currently on Sky Arts.

  • @micra ,don't have Sky, but thanks for keeping the thread on topic :)

  • Welcome @Baldric .

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