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In the excitement of GA getting a new contract, perhaps the extension of Bean and particularly JJ have not received the attention they deserve.

Squad now is (with commentary). Assuming mainly 433

GK Allsopp YMK - no more required
Def sido, harriman, stewart, el-abd, charles, JJ - still at least one maybe 2 light?
Mid gape, saunders, onien, bloomfield, bean, freeman - like to see one more creative?
For bayo, cms,pch,tyson, kashket - one more targetman style?

5.5 weeks to go, plenty of time to fill the gaps, but even without additions it doesn't look bad at all.


  • My take, 3 needed IMHO:

    Ryan Allsop
    Yves Ma-Kalambay

    Michael Harriman
    Sido Jombati

    Joe Jacobson

    Darius Charles
    Anthony Stewart
    Adam El-Abd
    *One more needed preferably a young player with pace

    Marcus Bean
    *One more needed

    Luke O’Nien
    Dominic Gape
    Sam Saunders
    Matt Bloomfield

    Nathan Tyson
    Paris Cowan-Hall
    Craig Mackail-Smith
    Scott Kashket
    Nick Freeman

    Adebayo Akinfenwa
    *One more with the ability to hold the ball up

    Not shaping up too bad although we really do require at least one quality signing in CM.

    It is also alarming that the only CDM/CM who has a contract past this season is Matt Bloomfield. Work needs to be done to get the signatures again of Gape and O'Nien.

  • How many of the current squad qualify as "Club Developed Players"?

    If I understand correctly, a "Club Developed Player" is defined as one who has been registered to the club for at least a year before the end of his under-19 season and EFL regulations this season require at least one such player to be named on the team sheet for every match, otherwise only six substitutes may be named instead of the otherwise permitted seven.

    I am not sure it makes much of a difference having six rather than seven substitutes to choose from, but I think we will see that being the case for Wycombe quite frequently this season.

  • I'd like to see us at least add another centre back, a left back and a big centre forward before the season starts and take it from there with loanees etc.

  • @Jonny_King According to the press release when he signed, isn't Darius Charles supposed to be all three of a centre back, cover for left back and occasional big centre forward?

  • @Uncle_T That's true, although I do worry about his (alleged) injury-proneness in that regard.

  • As I understand it yes, Uncle T. he can only fill one position at any one time though, and to me 6 defenders seems a bit light.

    I believe rules are changing this year. Permanent transfer deadline is the Thursday after the first game with loans still allowed up to end 31 August. As far as I can tell, nothing to stop players being loaned in or out on say 29 august with deal done that permanent transfer will complete when window reopens.

  • Someone on the Fb site quoted Gareth as saying he's after 3-4 more signings.
    Not sure if that's a correct quoting, but that sounds promising for those transfer lovers.

    I had wondered if we were losing Bean or JJ for that number to be so high, but if not, we'd have a cracking squad ready for action.

  • What happened to Josh Umerah? Is he still available?

  • He’d be a very good signing but, assuming his ankle problems are now well and truly behind him (Achilles?!), Charlton may now want him in their squad.

  • His contract at Charlton was due to expire this month, but he's not listed as being released, so assume he's agreed a new deal.

  • Thanks @Jonny_King. Shame.

  • Just flicked through the photos from the squad's first day back in training and am utterly delighted to share the news that Sido appears to have grown a moustache.

    Cult status confirmed.

  • The Teenage first attempt or the full Jason King @Jonny_King?
    I also notice they announced on the twitter four minutes ago that the first batch of season tickets has just been posted and yet I have not received mine yet!

  • I love the first pictures of pre season when you play spot the trialist. None as far as I could see.
    Also didn’t see Kashket so assume he is injured already.

  • @Wendoverman It's either an early attempt at a Fu Manchu (my preferred option, obviously) or (perhaps more likely) part of a goatee. His chin was hidden in the picture so it's too early to say.

    I would walk across hot coals for Sido to grow a Fu Manchu.

    Hot. Fucking. Coals.

  • But in other news, I am disgusted that your season ticket hasn't arrived, with the start of the season just (37) days away.

    As a fan owned club, this is unforgivable. How about spending less money on giving long contracts to unproven managers whose legs have gone and have no plan K and more on stamps.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub said:
    I love the first pictures of pre season when you play spot the trialist. None as far as I could see.
    Also didn’t see Kashket so assume he is injured already.

    Kashket has probably been wrapped in cotton wool until 4th August.

  • Where can we see this moustache and why doesn’t it have its own thread?

  • @drcongo There's a photo gallery on the club website (I should say 'offal site' for Gasroom Nostalgia purposes). The picture of Sido is roughly halfway through.

  • Thanks @Jonny_King - now has its own thread in case there are any more sightings.

  • Thank you Doctor! This is seriously challenging 'winning promotion' as my favourite moment of 2018.

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