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  • thoroughly deserved. Congratulations Alfie

  • Great result for the lad - and in his first ever season as a league player.

  • Keep it down....Brentford might have forgotten him!

  • He is superb and I understand that Notts Forest are very interested but why won't they be.

    He must be the best you centre back playing below the Championship right now, only just ahead of our very own Aaron Pierre who is also a super young player.

  • Ahem! mean NOTTINGHAM Forest (a local boy speaks)...and if he had to go anywhere I would not mind that. (Having said that I hope Gaz would be telling Dougie Freedman that a season in League One would be vital to his development...)

  • I was tempted to make the same comment re "Notts" which is of course the abbreviation for the county - not the city. My Victor Meldrew coming out, I'm afraid!

  • I've been in the South for 27 years I'm used to it now even from football 'experts' on the tellybox.
    Notts County. Nottingham Forest.
    We will possibly be playing one of them next year...

  • My understanding Mawson's Brentford contract is up at the end of this season. Interesting times ahead as Mawson falls under the u24 category. So Brentford just got to make an improved contract to secure monies for his youth development. Hopefully Brentford don't end up with Stewert saga and Brentford come to fair agreement to sell him us. That's ofc if we can afford Mawson's demands In the summer.

    Get your hats out.

  • Sadly I don't think we'll have a Prayer in capturing him next season - he will be off up to a bigger club.

  • Having said that, the tribunal fee would take into account our part in his development too.

  • If anyone wants proof of his love for the club just watch the penalty replay and his celebrations when it was awarded.

  • It was reminiscent of the famous scene when Basil Fawlty crouches down and puts his head in his hands.

  • Could come back on another loan if we're in league 1

  • edited April 2015

    Interesting situation really. Brentford already have quite a few young centre backs with a bit more football league experience then Alfie, who have all proved to be up to the standard of the championship going by their league position this season. This includes a recent signing from Blackburn on a long term contract. They also have a new foreign manager coming in in the summer and while a new manager normally means a fresh start, i'm sure he'll have his own, more continental targets, in the summer. I cant see Mawson being given a new contact before their new manager has a chance to assess him and I doubt Mawson will be high on the new managers radar come the start of preseason. I cant envisage Mawson wanting to hang around all summer either proving his worth so to speak.
    A move to another championship team like Forest I guess would be lucrative but can they guarantee first team football? I doubt most teams would take such a gamble on a defender who's played no higher then league 2 to lead their defense. Coming off the back of a season playing every game, I also don't think he'd want to be back sitting on the sidelines next season.
    I guess the point i'm making is that the only logical decision to make for everyone involved is for Mawson to join Wycombe In league 1 (hopefully) next season!

  • Even so, his contract would need to reflect what he is worth. Can we match Mawson's expectations. I still think Brentford will offer Mawson a contract to protect their investment. What happens after that is anyone's guess.

  • Unless Brentford actually guarantee that he will play first team football I doubt they would stand too much in his way of him seeking it out at another club in regard to holding out for a big compo fee. Similar to Pierre last season; I believe they even offered Aaron fresh terms but waved any substantial fee when he made his decision. I expect different if a championship rival did come in for him however though. We will just have to wait and see.

  • I came across this on a Millwall tweet a few days ago. Seems the Vulture's are circling on our/Brentford's out of Contract lads.

    Pete O'Rourke on Twitter: "Millwall are among several clubs chasing Wycombe Wanderers forward Aaron Holloway. #wycombewanderers #Millwall" -

    Had a bad sleep last night, seeing PCH, Fred and Holloway against us in the League 1, imagine that?

    I sincerely hope, Mawson included are been addressed, ready for our next campaign.

  • Holloway will go no further up the leagues until he can prove his long term fitness levels, physically and mentally. I would imagine the bean counters will look at minutes on the pitch over cost outlay and it wouldn't make for grateful reading in his favour. I actually like what I see of him when he is on the pitch at this level but he needs to be scoring goals as well to make league 1 take a gamble. IMHO of course!

  • Heard a rumour in the Vere yesterday after the game that Wycombe couldn't meet Alfie's wage demands for next season, and that (dread the thought) the PNL were sniffing around and would be able to meet his salary expectations.

    .....although I was pretty relaxed in the bar so this might be complete guff.

  • You are right Ewan...Holloway is potential, nothing more at the moment, albeit exciting potential!

  • Alfie won't go to the pnl twats he will want to test him self in a higher league.

  • Why would Mawson want to join a shit team that will finish way below us again next season, money isn't everything!

  • Personally I think Holloway is more suited for league 1. As for scoring I think he gets no good passes yet he passes well. but I think another season hopefully with us would do him good. As for alfie I wish him all the best he has a bright future.

  • I will be very surprisesd to see Mawson and Ingram at this club, next season. That's why I harp about our 5 year plan. We have sold the family silver and gates imho are shocking for a Club that has been in and around the top 3 all season.

    There is noway Chairboys can meet Ingram or Mawson's salary expectations, both are destined for great things. Glad to witnessed it at Adams Park.

  • Ingram is under contract @Ciderk1d as far as I'm concerned so if someone wants him they can pay handsomely.

  • @scarlet , I'm afraid I got to agree. Same yesterday for Fred, no quality service, which ofc would improve in league 1. I too hope we can retain Holloway for another season with a clever play maker to provide quality service (no more hit them and hope - hoofball). Anyway lets celebrate and enjoy this season. Gareth Ainsworth produced miracles this season, just hope GA doesnt lose his mojo for our next campaign, as he going to need it.

  • Also would be nice to see Tommy Fletcher get some minutes at Centre Half, heard he is fast on his feet, just needs to bulk up over the Summer.

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