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Friday 22nd 9am - Fixtures release!

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  • We were home first and last game last year, so I am going to go opposite:

    Southend away first game
    Gillingham home Boxing Day
    Luton home New Years
    Walsall away last game

  • My prediction is that they will be released on Thursday 21st.

  • Spot on @DevC .

  • Fully expect Sunderland at home to be moved for telly.

  • Sunderland away will likely be moved to midweek due to the international break. What a kicker.

    The Football League is obviously continuing its policy of putting long distance games on a Tuesday too.

    Might be the first time I dip below the 40 game mark, there are some difficult trips to make in there.

  • Same for us blue boy that’s a difficult draw for those mid week trips up the m40 m6 for us too

  • Both Charlton fixtures fall in FIFA international breaks as well. Charlton postponed at least one match last season because of international call-ups, so those fixtures may well get rearranged too.

  • I wonder if having one or more of those games rearranged might increase our chances of being televised ...

  • High chance of a thunderstorm on the 18th of August.

  • @drcongo said:
    High chance of a thunderstorm on the 18th of August.

    Now that would be funny.

  • Sunderland is a shame, as they'll very likely still have internationals, if U21s count? Do they?

    I suppose the positive way of looking at it, is that you have more hours on a midweek day to get up there for a 7.45pm kick off, as how early would you have to leave for a 3pm? 6am probably, to be safe.
    Most likely you'd want to be staying up there too, so probably cheaper midweek.

    Blackpool away in early Jan also not ideal, but it happens.

  • Blackpool probably 50:50 to be moved to mid-week also as it is FA Cup 3rd round weekend.

  • Good spot. That's awkward.

    Accy, Plymouth, Fleetwood, Sunderland and Blackpool all confirmed or potential midweeks.

    Have we ever had a more awkward set of long distance midweek aways?!

  • I've booked holiday over the September Charlton and Oxford games which I'm a bit gutted about. Selfishly would love to see the Charlton one moved to a Tuesday.

  • Don’t understand why there are midweek games in August instead of on the bank holiday Monday.

  • Last couple of years there have been midweek EFL Trophy matches on August bank holiday week.

  • @StrongestTeam Bearing in mind our fixture list, a cynic might suggest that the EFL has been taking an active interest in ensuring that as many difficult to get to, long distance, midweek matches occur as is possible, in order to maximise revenues from their new live games on iFollow product.

  • "Improved production values are being implemented across the online broadcasting service, providing clubs with the scope to introduce bespoke commentary as well as on-screen graphics."

    Does this mean we'll be able to have @bluntphil commentaries on iFollow matches?

  • That would be amazing!

  • Certainly adds weight to the conspiracy theory!
    A good option to be able to view it though, as 400mile midweek round trips really are the domain of absolute die hard can't miss one game fans, the likes of which must be super low.

  • Time off and accommodation booked for August trip to Plymouth. Can't wait to get started again.

  • @drcongo said:
    High chance of a thunderstorm on the 18th of August.

    We should play this if we are losing at halftime

  • Booked August Plymouth 2 nights with a small group of us from Marlow and the rebellion members club , getting excited for season already!

  • Keep an eye out for Dev's patronising last of cultural things you can do while you're there

  • Is oggling lone female train passengers a Cultural Cornish pastime ?
    Or is that something he has exported to the West Country ?

  • Dog with a bone there @ChasHarps.

  • I see Tweedledum and tweedleevendumber are back again. I assume they feel regurgitating the same "joke" yet again is funny. Ho hum.

    Meanwhile if you are interested for those staying over, Plymouth offers the usual wetherspoons crap if that is your fancy, but on a balmy august eve, especially for HW dwellers who must be close to as far from the sea as it is possible to get in the UK, I'd recommend the terrace cafe on the hoe who will serve you a chilled Sol or three till midnight as the night ferry meanders its way across the inky sound. Wonderful.

  • Make up your mind @DevC . Close to or as far from the sea?

    North London Wanderers will have the attractive option of the Woolwich Ferry on 8 September.

  • @DevC - Not your normal eloquent post! Furthest from sea -

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