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Checkatrade trophy 2018/19

Invited teams confirmed and a couple of tweaks


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    Whilst I remain intensely cynical about this competition, the idea of allowing EFL clubs to field squad members out on loan at conference clubs seems a very good one to me.

  • League One and Two clubs being able to select and use players that they have out on loan at National League clubs sounds an interesting change to the rules. That actually sounds like a win-win for the League One and Two clubs.

    There will be no need to keep a fringe player hanging around with no realistic chance of being selected week-to-week in the league, just so he is there for cover for the Trophy matches. Loan him out to gain experience and fitness and recall him when the Trophy games come around. That should mean you get a happier, fitter player who will be more effective in the Trophy match than one who has been sitting around on the bench or in the stands every week, plus the added benefits of greater experience and fitness when he comes back from loan and, possibly, saving on wages and expenses if the National League club are paying some or all of those during the loan period.

  • The one change I'd like to see is to amend the 'home grown' rule to state a certain number of players must be British. I'm unsure if this is legally possible, but don't like the fact we'll continue to develop players for other national sides, when this tournament is supposed to provide more opportunities to young English players. I feel this should be protected rather than lots of other nationalities getting these development opportunities.

  • Don’t worry, the transfer market will collapse after brexit and mediocre English players will be switching between premier league clubs for a hundred million while lower league clubs grovel for their scraps.

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    The twitter account of Andy Holt, the Accrington Stanley chairman and major shareholder is well worth a read (or a follow if you have an account):


  • @sewanderer exactly the reason one person gave for the collapse of the Russian game in the recent Frankie Boyle docco.. Oligarchs forced to pay millions for poor quality home grown players to fit their quota of local players..while the team sinks internationally. And that is Spartak Moscow!!

  • @sewanderer apologies if you were hust talking about quotas for the checkatrade. I could care less what rules they bring in for that.

  • @Wendoverman no worries- just trying to look for the best from a bad situation

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