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  • thoughts? does not reallu excite!

  • @Wwfc2015_ Unfortunately we can't quite afford to buy Alfie Mawson unless you can help!

  • @Wwfc2015_ said:
    thoughts? does not reallu excite!

    I quite like the sound of him. We lack a powerful stopper in defence.

  • I initially read that as Puurrful and was trying to find the cat pun :). Sounds like a good addition.

  • Dons fans on Twitter seem sorry to see him go, probably better judges of the player than some of our own less excited supporters. Someone saying he was offered a new deal, but on less money due to injury problems last season, so he chose to move on.

  • Sounds like another useful utility player. Good to have some more cover at left back.

  • Experienced player? Cover across the back four? Sounds good to me. Injury problems? Not so much, but I am assuming GA knows more than us and is confident about that side. There's a chance Bayo put in a good word as well I suppose.

  • Happy with this remember him having great games against us for stevenage very solid signing.

  • Seems like a very good signing on the face of it.

  • Friend at work is Dons fan. V. sorry to see him go - says we've got a good one.

  • All that I ask from any new signings is that they are good enough for the third tier - he's established at this level, so bearing in mind we can't afford to pay big wedge in transfer fees or wages, it's probably fair to say that this type of signing is as good as we can expect (and I mean that in a positive way, not doing Charles down).

  • Certainly fits the bill for the 'strong, arially dominant, left-sided centre-half' that some of us, myself included, have said we need. The more comments I read from Dons fans, the more I suspect GA has played a blinder here.

    We're off to a good start.

  • A tank of a player. Remembering him overpowering us for Stevenage. Also provides huge versatility.
    Could be another gem of a deal from GA.

  • @Jonny_King said:

    We're off to a good start.

    Or finish. I'm more than happy with the signing but I do think that (as long as JJ puts pen to our paper) that's it until pre-season and we can all put our feet up.

    Pre-season I think we'll see a few triallists (like Nathan last year) supplemented by loans of promising hungry youngsters from the upper tiers (including a goalkeeper) followed by a look around to see who is still out of contract (like CMS) as the August window nears closure.

    I'm not sure we actually need to do any more than that actually.

    Plus it has the added bonus of winding up @trevor & @Wwfc2015_ which I am ashamed to say always amuses me.

  • Good signing. I am happy for Gareth to sign any player that buys drinks for supporters when a game is called off

  • @bookertease That's a good point, I hadn't thought of it like that. However, I still reckon there'll be at least one more coming in before our first pre-season game. Not based on anything other than a hunch.

  • We certainly had too much winning for some last year.

  • Really promising start to the off-season. I feel confident GA is going to put together the best possible team for our small budget, and it is going to be fun to see it take shape!

  • If you read here:

    (AFCW forum) they seem pretty universally pissed off, the only slight note of caution being Charles’ injury record.

  • 72 games in two seasons suggests his injury record isn’t that bad.

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