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first fixture announced on Friday

League cup draw - no seeding this year, no extra time or replays either.

For some bizarre reason the draw is being done in Vietnam?? Are people there really excited about a draw in their country for a cup they have never heard of involving teams they have largely never heard of for matches to be played on the other side of the world. weird.


  • I can think of three possibilities

    1) Carabao want to increase sales of their energy drink in the UK by association with the EFL.
    2) The EFL want to increase exposure in Asia by association with the second biggest selling Thai energy drink.
    3) Some.EFL cronies want a free jolly in Asia - this time Vietnam - under the pretext of supervising the draw arrangements

  • Wherever next? Thailand?

  • A bizarre twist would be if they went to Trump Tower and got Donald to do it

  • Personally I find this sort of commercialism a tad Hanoi-ing.

  • Cần Thơ not think of a better pun that that DevC ?

  • One benefit is that thanks to this thread I’ve finally learned what Carabao is. Now I’d like to unlearn it.

  • Carabao not easy. He very heavy.

  • Not a verb in sight @DevC.

  • hmmm, oh dear Micra.

    Right that's got that out of the way. Onwards positively into the day. Sigh gone.

  • @DevC said:
    hmmm, oh dear Micra.

    Right that's got that out of the way. Onwards positively into the day. Sigh gone.

    If you want to give up on Vietnam-related puns already Dev that's your Laos. Plenty more laughs to be had. Ho ho ho chi minh.

  • In 2017 the draw was in Bangkok and descended into farce when the same balls were pulled out several times and the live stream suffered technical issues. I wish I was joking.

    This is a misguided attempt to raise the profile of the competition in Asia, at the expense of UK based fans who have to sit up until silly o'clock watching it on some low resolution youtube channel.

  • I would imagine if it's in the far east they can also supply a list of the results of the first round. Ask Joey Barton if he's heard...

  • Do give Richie first refusal.

  • QPR at home on 14 August would pull ‘em in.

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