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League 1 banter group

Out of curiosity I joined this facebook group yesterday . I doubt I will access it again but it left me with some perspective at least . The Wycombe fans facebook page is often criticized on here due to being , abusive , uneducated and fickle . I have heard it suggested that the "yoof " in the terrace are the mainstay of this facebook group as an added concern . I can confidently suggest that our fans facebook group is in fact full of pretty mild mannered chaps compared to the group mentioned in the title of this post and I would suggest our "yoof " are no more than red blooded teenagers being teenagers . Just go onto this league one group and you will be stunned .


  • It's quite something isn't it.

    I joined and was pretty shocked at the regular racism, homophobia and other bigoted nonsense that is spewed in poorly spelt and punctuated sentences.

    I stayed to marvel at the average knuckle dragger on there, but found I can't help but sometimes call people out when they're being a total belter.

    The only thing its good for is breaking news regarding the various clubs in the league.

  • Anything with the word ‘banter’ seems a little suspect to me.

  • The interweb has opened up a whole range of possibilities worldwide...unfortunately it has also offered us the chance to be exposed to the mindset of people whose minds were set in about 1975, or younger people whose thumbs can be quite thick and/or terminally unpleasant. And that's just the Gasroom! :-)

  • Who can forget when the chief trouble makers decided to leave the FB group and set up their own "anything goes" banter page?

    It seems purposely trying to offend people doesn't work when it's just a gang of gimps, so they quickly just came back.

  • 'banter' is a horrible addition to the English language.

  • Proper banter can be a wonderful thing to behold. Sadly too many people equate it with hurling insults.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    'banter' is a horrible addition to the English language.

    The word has been around since George the First's time.

  • So their banter isn’t like this then?

  • I think I saw 'cabbage crates coming over the briney' once. Might have been the Grimsby game.

  • Banter - great
    Scenes like Luton away where a bunch of boozed up mouthy kids goad some quite sinister looking tattooed up skinheads - less great.

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