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Karius not to blame....apparently.

Could be true, so I guess we'll not be signing him on loan as he'll still be number one at Liverpool;
I'm not sure what I think about this whole thing to be honest. Smacks of excuses but you never know.


  • It is ridiculous to attribute the first goal to concussion. He was simply careless throwing the ball out underarm in the close vicinity of the opposition player. The third goal could at a stretch be blamed on his vision being affected by concussion.

  • Have you ever been concussed @mooneyman . In my personal experience both actions are very much attributable to concussion. It's the lateness of the news that makes the story less believable, not the story itself.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle - With respect I would have more faith in Liverpool's experienced medical staff at the match than your opinion.

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