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The difference in strength between England and Germany

Leroy sane doesn't make german world cup squad. if he had been English he would surely have been first on the list.


  • Above Harry Kane?

  • IMHO, it's not simply technical strength it's also mental strength required and that's probably the area that we fall down in (as a nation). We love to tell ourselves how tough and cool we are with the 'Blitz' mentality etc but I really don't think we stay calm and focused enough in major sporting tournaments. Rant over...... ;-)

  • I'd definitely have him in ahead of Kane.

  • Germany, similarly to France, have 3 starting line-ups that are on the whole superior to our first 11.

  • I'm going full Trevor on England's World Cup chances, they're shit and will be home before the semis.

  • Actually, not just because they're shit, but because they think they're world beaters because Murdoch's money tells them they are. They'll strut out into every match believing they have a right to win it, and fail because nobody else in the world holds them in as high a regard as they hold themselves.

  • @drcongo said:
    I'm going full Trevor on England's World Cup chances, they're shit and will be home before the semis.

    Doubt the coach driver will even need a parking permit!

  • I actually feel mildly optimistic about this England set up. The 532 looks good. I predict being knocked out in the quarter finals.

    Germany leaving out Sane is absolutely mind blowing.

  • Insanity.

  • Delusional.

  • I'm optimistic that Southgate's philosophy gives us the best chance of winning in 2022. If he is still in charge many players will have a WC and a Euros under their belt and still be well under 30.

  • Personally I think we will put in a sterling effort this year.

  • With the Pope guarding our net who knows!

  • Not that I'm overly interested in the next two World Cups...I predict we'll get out of the group...beaten by some tinpot nation in first knockout game.

  • If only we were a tinpot nation too - even a tinpot beats no silverware...

  • I’m nearing the stage in life when a WC under the belt might come in handy, @OxfordBlue.

  • get out of the group, then don't get knocked out by an "Iceland" then we'll have done OK.
    If we're done by a Messi wonder goal then so be it.

  • Mental strength....................

  • Wish them well but truth be told I’m looking forward to the league one rollercoaster

  • As long as it’s not a helter skelter.

  • edited June 2018

    Talking of World Cup and the relevance of nations in todays interconnected world, here's a couple of interesting (ish) snippets.

    Only 6 of the 23 players from Morocco were actually born in Morocco.

    More players born in France will be playing for other countries than playing for France.

    Netherlands, despite not qualifying, has more players born there at the world Cup than those born in Morocco.

  • Reminds me of the Aussie 'Fanatics' who used to sing "you've got the whole world in your team" at the Barmy Army.

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