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Selebrity Match Today

Does anyone what the crowd was today ? Looking at the pictures posted on the Official Site not that great . Not my thing to go to such games these days as I don't know most of the celebs (an age thing) but like to see effort rewarded by a good sum raised in a good cause .Maybe the crowd would be higher if one whole team was WW legends rather than a sprinkling of ex players .


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  • Thank you

  • There were a couple of celebs I'd have probably been keen on seeing, but the overall makeup didn't quite do it, even with some Wycombe legends in there.

    The more events like this we use the ground for the better though

  • Even after watching inside matchday i don't think i know who any of them are! But it looks as tho those who went enjoyed themselves.

  • Trouble is all the celebs I know are too old to play!

  • Apart from that Peter Pan of pop, perhaps.
    Rodney Stewart.

  • Saw Mr Jagger strut his stuff at the London Stadium last week ,he could do a 45 minute shift in central midfield !

  • Obviously none of the casts of 'Doctor at Large' or 'Please Sir' were available,

  • I'd hoped for a weather man, eight small parts and a Widow Twanky.

  • What about one of the Goodies ?

  • Rumour has it, Fletch...

  • No David Diddy Hamilton?

  • Don't tell Mr Mackay

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