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Tomorrow Night, Matthew, Gareth Ainsworth IS going to be Michael Hutchence

GA in role of Michael Hutchence in @INXS tribute band at Padworth Music Festival 9.15 tomorrow evening. Near Reading.


  • I googled that and found this:

  • Time must be hanging heavily on my hands (as usual). Ploughed through most of the interview, skipping most of the early part until it became all about GA’s time at Wycombe (after about 30-40 minutes, from memory) but not before, confusingly, there had been a reference to GA performing as Michael Hutchence on Saturday evening (not tomorrow) at a venue other than Padworth. It isn’t until you get near to the end of the interview that it becomes clear that this was not a recent item - it’s July last year, in fact ! Interesting nonetheless, not least to hear confirmation of the huge importance that GA attaches to the mental/psychological aspects of player recruitment.

  • The above post written at lunchtime; omitted to press post.

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