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The Wanderer

Just got round to reading the latest issue today having not read it for a couple of seasons. Really good stuff. Good mix of humour, nostalgia and news. Top marks will be looking out for it next season!


  • Agreed.
    A number of years ago now the then-editor Phil wanted to step down so I took the responsibility of editing the fanzine on for a couple of years as I was keen to see the Wanderer continue.

    I am so pleased I did so - both because it was an enjoyable and rewarding experience, but particularly as a further couple of years down the line, when I couldn't continue doing it, Jonny volunteered and since the quality of the fanzine has spiralled. It is a superb read now every edition.

    It is a great read - mixture of informative and thought provoking articles, combined with plenty of wit. Long may The Wanderer continue!

  • An upwards spiral, I assume.

  • Hopefully The Wanderer will go again next season and try and build on what they got right. Perhaps with a few additions to the squad.

  • I jest not @Wendoverman when I say that someone with your wit and imagination should surely be making a contribution to the next edition.

  • In fact, @micra as well as my wrestling career and long distance lorry driving, I write most of it but that bloody @Jonny_King gets all the credit.

  • Thanks for all the kind words and glad to hear people are enjoying it. It is true what @Wendoverman says, that others do all the work and I just take the credit. I think the wrestling thing might not be true though.

    We're going to make a few tweaks to the design and bring in a couple of new features for next season, so plenty to look forward to for next season.

  • Lest anyone might think it's true I was of course joking. About the writing and the long distance lorry driving anyway.

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